Dowell Loggains: OC or bust?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Ensconatus, Oct 25, 2013.

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    I'm not too keen on giving people a pass, but I feel Loggains deserves a small one. First year OC going against pretty much a top 10 defense in every game so far (except for SD).

    Yes we have looked vanilla, and we can say he should be calling this and that play. I think he is just calling what he is comfortable with & trying to limit mistakes.

    As he gets more games under his belt, I feel he will become a bit more wiser and be more comfortable with what his players can do and what he should be calling.
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    Point taken. But don't forget he was our OC for 5 games last year. So really he has 12 games, almost a full season, under his belt. I wasn't exactly expecting him to take the league by storm or anything. But I was certainly hoping for more than we've seen thus far.

    If the offense doesn't look significantly better over the second half of the season we probably aren't winning more than 7 or 8 games and Loggains as well as Munch will be shown the door.
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    I do hope that Loggains will give Locker more chances to open up the offense and throw the ball around more.Even if the run games gets better they don't need to lean on that style too much and still need to try to pass the ball around.I think we need to take more shots down the field.Also we need to get Hunter more involved in the offense.If anything i think Hunter would be an excellent target for Locker to throw some deep passes especially taking Hunter's height into consideration.In the past Locker has overthrown some guys on deep passes but Hunter would be a great weapon to go long with.
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    Chiefs with Charles, Eagles with McCoy. He has so many examples around the league to take from.
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    I'm not sure of Dowell yet I too have questioned his play call and personnel on the fled, but all I know is that prior to this year I was calling Locker a huge bust and now I'm liking the kid alot.

    Could be he finally has an interior line or better weapons, or maybe he just needed some more starts under his belt, whatever, but I'm very impressed with Jake so far. So definitely some credit has goes to Loggins. How much, thats the hard part?

    Locker was a bust till like 8-9 weeks ago (that preseason game) and in a short time under our young new OC, he's looking so much better.

    If this thread had a poll, I'd have to vote neither, more time needed to assess.


    Play action works only for teams with a serious threat at the RB position. Good idea bro, but we lack the tools unfortunately.


    Ya, I was shocked to see reynaud out receiving catches. I know his intent was to stick someone totally unassuming out on the edge that NO ONE INCLUDING HIS OWN TEAM would expect him to get the ball, but sometimes simple looking is too simple to figure out and defeat. Would have helped if reynaud had some talent hitting holes.
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    do you think they figured go easy before the bye playing the tough teams well play vanillaish considering our team was good enough to win with that with locker..then after bye saw all the easy games and he was like lets hold off and blow the doors off the nfl and gain momentum for the playoffs
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    I wish I did! I was being a bit sarcastic. If WR's step up and make catches we are looking at a completely different season right now even with the 2 Fitzpatrick games. When you add a bunch of momentum killing penalties to this offense Loggins looks really bad. If the team plays smarter and cuts our drops even in half, the vanilla offense could work.
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    I'm not defending Loggains...I'll give him the rest of the season, but I'm not too impressed. Upright7 makes a good point though. If KB could catch, the OL fired off and moved the line of scrimmage forward instead of backwards, and we didn't kill ourselves with penalties I don't think we would be so critical. Again, not defending the hobbit just trying to see the whole picture.