Don't expect players-only meeting for Colts

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Gary Brackett won't be calling a players-only meeting. Reggie Wayne won't be inclined to speak up. Dwight Freeney won't talk with more force.

    The Colts are upset over their inconsistencies, but continue to talk about getting back to their methods. And those methods don't include fire and brimstone. Raised volume doesn't reflect the calm composure of their coach, Tony Dungy, and isn't the Colts' way.

    Brackett: "The leadership is there, and it's going to continue to be there. We just have to play more consistent."

    Wayne: "There isn't a need for that, we're not that kind of team. We're the kind of team that goes out there and practices and works hard and lets it show on Sundays. That's what we're going to do. We're not going to point the fingers at anybody. Nobody needs to say more. Just go out there and practice and play football."

    Freeney: "I've been here before. I think a couple guys have been here before -- I don't know what year it was, it might have been 2002, where we were kind of 3-3, one of those deals. [It was actually 4-4]. You've got to take it one game at a time and don't listen to everything that's going on around you, don't listen to everybody that has something to say that has nothing to do with what's going on in here. Watch the film. Study. Get back to the techniques and fundamentals of what we do and just don't hurt ourselves."

    As for the young followers, safety Melvin Bullitt said they know who to follow and don't need them to be any more talkative then they've been.

    "We've got great leaders and they are as vocal as they need to be," Bullitt said. "I always look to Gary Brackett, our defensive captain, Antoine Bethea, he's our leader in the secondary... It's us, man. It's us as a team, as a unit. We can't go into games and give up third downs and have penalties and things like that. As long as we keep doing that we won't win."

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