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    This is kind of pointless to bring up because hindsight is 20/20, but here we go! All this year I couldn't help but thinking, why did we draft Kendall Wright round 1 when we already had a shifty, undersized receiver that we picked up from the Rams... Donnie Avery. Just as I thought, he was a very productive receiver at Indy all year. We could have addressed C, DE, S, CB with that pick... Kendall is good and I am happy to have him, but we wasted a first round pick on a very similar receiver to one we already had and could have offered him a small contract to lock him up for years. I realize that Avery didn't do anything until the final game of the 2011 season, but he still showed promise. Thanks Chris Palmer for not realizing what you had in Donnie Avery and not targeting him till the last two games of the year!
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    dont forget how thankless DA was too the Titans for allowing him to rehab with a full salary and all... thankless PoS
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    He was starting in Indy because they had absolute crap to work with, aside from Wayne. This isn't too uncommon.. Remember we picked up Nate Washington from ****tsburgh. He has been decent but not spectacular for us. Same for Avery, he will be decent but that's it. Between Britt, Nate, and Wright we don't really need Avery.
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    Kendall was good... granted we all hope he will blossom into a great receiver, but all I heard in Andrew Luck interviews all year was "Reggie Wayne, Donnie Avery". We could have gotten a lot of production out of him if we kept him around and here we are a year later still in need of OL, S, possibly CB and DE.
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    I think you're missing the point...Avery was a more than capable WR. We could have held on to him while also playing Damien Williams a little more. Our WRs would have been fine and we could have drafted like David Decastro, Harrison Smith, Whitney Mercilus or Nick Perry. I was so shocked by our 1st round pick last year. I still like Kendall Wright, but I also feel like we could have used that pick more wisely and addressed more of a need.
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    You don't draft a guy with one year in mind. I'm sure the Titans think that Wright will be a much better player than Avery(he already is) in the future.
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    I'll take Kendall over Avery any day.
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    I hope you are right and Kendall turns into a beast. A mediocre receiver with a great qb will have more success than a great receiver with an average qb. I would take Luck over Locker any day, but no sense holding out hope for the impossible!
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    Shouldn't have gotten rid of Avery either way.

    Our dumbasses signed Hawkins and let Avery walk.
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    He is one wrong cut away from his career being over.