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    I like McCourty, but he isn't worth that contract. I said it the minute he signed it. I was happy to hear we locked him up... then I saw the contract numbers and was pretty shocked.

    It's contracts like this that separate the good teams from the bad ones... like the Craig Stevens deal. Awful. Delanie Walked got a similar contract and he's 100 times the player Stevens is.

    Like I said, I like McCourty, but he doesn't do anything special at corner. His coverage is great, but he doesn't take advantage of it. If he would react better to the receiver and actually turn around to make a play on the ball he would be worth the money.

    I find myself screaming at the games and at the TV "TURN AROUND" while the ball is in the air because it's an easy pick waiting to happen.
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    I assume you mean agents and no scouts.
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    Look at the entire contract. He'll only be 27 when the regular season begins. If he continues to improve and stays healthy, the money he gets in 2016 and 2017 will be a steal.
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    1. New owner, new GM, new everything.

    I dont see what AH/JC/anybodyelsebeforethisyear have to do with anything? Next time you get a new job, do you want all of the past woes of the bad employee you replaced blamed on you so you can carry out that stigma?


    We can slow down on the "this organization" talk imo. The entire thing is different than it was when we made, what could be considered, big mistakes.

    2. JMc vs Verner. I like verner, but lets not pretend he cant get 10 million a year next season. Every team has overpaid players, so that happens. If every team could predict the future, every team would be awesome. Jmac is a solid CB, and it could get a lot worse. His pay, is also not as bad as some of you suggest. His cap hit is ranked 13th in the league next season among QB's (as stated earlier as well by TJ)

    Jmac isnt someone who sucks, who is getting overpaid. Hes a solid CB who is getting slightly overpaid. Ill take it considering some of the alternatives. We were also ranked 21st in sacks this past season (going from memory, feel free to double check) Improve this pass rush, and our secondary gets even better.

    So to keep this somewhat interesting, how much are you guys willing to pay Verner to stay?

    Since he is so much better than Jmc, it starts at 8 million. How high are you guys willing to go, to keep him? Do you pay him shutdown corner money? Someone else offers him 10 million a year (or even 11), do you match it? Then if he cant match his production this season, are you going to be complaining that he is overpaid?
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    If we pay him and he has an even slightly down year the "overpaid" crew will be on here b*tching and complaining like they always do when a guy gets paid.That includes the people that are currently begging for u to lock him up; they'll develop amnesia and pretend it was a bad deal all along.
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    Nicely said, but as for this new regime doing things differently, lets see it.
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    I fully expect the Raiders and Jags to handsomely over pay for a few guys considering they have 60 and 50 million of cap room space respectively.

    From a front office standpoint, I think we were planning ahead by spending a 3rd on on a CB last yr. If we can't sign Verner long term then pick up a vet for cheap and draft another CB this yr and let the competition for the starting spot begin.

    I really hope we can somehow keep Verner though because I'd love to have the continuity in the secondary. We know the front 7 is going to be learning a totally new system. Would be nice to know the secondary is already set with their communication.
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    He'll want some major cash, and I like the way we handled Finnegan by having him in his prime then letting another team over pay for him when he was past it. Would not like to see Finnegan back, just because I think he's lost a step.

    Why would you want an older Finnegan over someone else like Tracy Porter, who is younger, faster, and probably cheaper than Finnegan RockyTop Fox? I don't mean to be rude by asking this but just curious..
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