Dominance and Longevity

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by GLinks, Mar 27, 2009.

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    I was thinking this morning there are two traits the Titans really like it seems in the first couple of rounds. The third trait, freaky athleticism, I'm going to leave out. Works for a Kearse, but not for a Henry.

    Dominance and Longevity. Who has dominated, and who seems they can play a long time at a high level? I keep running it through my mind, but I think that comes close to describing it.

    (Got to throw in a quick "Butler-would-be-great;" I think he's just out of our range, but I think he would be a perfect balance to Finnegan - the new Fire and Ice. Butler would be the Ice.)

    Chris Johnson - dominated, seemed more durable than critics thought, can take it over
    Jason Jones - showed the ability to dominate in college, enough for a late 2nd
    Adam Bernard - yeah, he shut WRs down, the dominant CB of the class, unfortunately
    LenDale - 52 TDs, dominated
    VY - dominated, can take it over
    Griffin - let's say excelled in all areas

    So, let's ignore super-athleticism for a sec.

    Two guys I really like are Alex Mack, and Clay Matthews. Both are linked to Bruce. Clay, obviously. If we can bring out that talent and the bloodlines allow, here's a guy who could play for us for a dozen years. That's the kind of thing you want to do with your first pick. Alex Mack, I read, could be the best interior prospect since Bruce was drafted in 1983. I gotta consider that with #30.

    These have to be two of our highest-rated players factoring in starting potential, production, longevity. I make all these for-your-consideration scenarios, but this to me is logically back to center. But since we don't have huge desperate needs, we CAN, or could, stray from this approach.

    As far as corners go, Butler and A. Smith are great for us. Got the production and the film. Either should be a starter in a year, but Butler's higher.

    Nicks and Britt have it, but I notice no mention so far of Britt being brought in, despite two very good years of production. I'll go out right now and say despite his level of competition, Ramses Barden dominated in college. I'd expect him to be just outside of this group, just ahead of Brian Robiskie (RB > BR). I think he brings a little of both Nicks' and Britt's skillsets. Running 4.57 (combine), 4.55 and 4.51 (pro day), he's not much slower than either, but bigger and longer than both. Great fallback to Nicks in two, IMO. Best redzone production of all.

    Anyway, I won't list more people (it's exhausting), but I wanted to say I think those are good sticks to use when trying to narrow down our choices. Maybe dominant isn't the word, but yeah, it's appoximate enough.

    McGinnis made a statement about the LBer class not being very deep this year, or good (I forget which), perhaps to give us a chance to get Matthews.

    I should have listed the Bud Factor (not the mj) into the draft, or the "Screw Houston" factor. Bud would take Matthews just to flip off Houston again, I believe. Let's not discount that, either.

    Anyway, if you guys have opinions, I'd like to hear them.
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