Does Steve McNair deserve to be a Hall Of Famer?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titanic12th, Apr 12, 2014.

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    Friday John McClain said he thought Eddie George deserved to be in the hall of fame and made the typical lame arguments for why.

    Eddie is no more deserving than Steve. Again you must be elite not just good. Eddie was not elite. 3.6 yards per carry is not elite! McClain argued that poor Eddie faced 8 man fronts all the time. You don't make the hall by claiming victim status! If that is the case Archie manning belongs there.

    During the era that Eddie played about a dozen backs surpassed or came close to the the 10,000 yard mark. Do they all belong in the hall? Warrick Dunn, Jamal Lewis and Tiki barber in the hall? Corey Dillon and Ricky Watters in the hall? Better statistically than Eddie with championship rings.
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    yep. With Eddie and Steve:

    If a group of their biggest fans almost unanimously agree that you don't belong there.. then you definitely don't.

    The football world has forgotten about McNair and George. Titans fans are the only ones who care about them.. And I would assume that Titans fans make up 1/50th of NFL fans at best. Probably more like 1/70th.
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    Moon likes the Titans. Always has. Also likes Jake Locker. Both former UW QBs.
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    Yeah, me and my homies talk about this at least twice a year, especially when the induction announcements are made. I, like most all Titan fans, loved Steve. I worked at the Hooter's downtown as a KM and me and Steve used to go drinking quite often. My personal feelings aside, I think you have to look at this several ways.

    If it were by numbers, no. He doesn't have the championship either. But it is not always about stats. here is what helps him:
    • MVP 03
    • 3 ProBowls
    • AFC Champion
    • Overall toughness and warrior factor
    • Music City Miracle lore factor, (even though he was not directly part of the play)
    • 1 yard short lore in SB, which is considered the best SB ever by many
    • Being an African American QB. There is only 1 in the HOF (Moon). Yeah, don't even start, but this is always a factor, like it or not.
    What hurts him:
    • Doesn't have the consistent numbers
    • Doesn't have the championship
    • Not enough great seasons
    • Off-field actions and death circumstance. Don't think this matters? Look at Chris Carter all of those years, and Marvin Harrison this year. He should have WALKED into the HOF.
    If he was to get a shot, it would be many years from now. Do I think he will? Probably not, but maybe consideration at least is warranted.
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