Do You Feel The Team Is Getting Better Overall Since Munchak Left?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Mar 29, 2014.

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    Resigned Bernard Pollard: Great move he had to be resigned.Hard hitter
    Resigned Leon Washington: Solid returner
    Reigned Ropati Pitoitua: good depth
    Resigned Jackie Battle: should move the chains on short distance downs
    Resigned Antonio Johnson:depth on defense
    Resigned Marc Mariani:Competition but won't make the roster
    Signed Dexter McCluster: Good player to have,could be playmaker on offense
    Signed Shaun Philips:good signing pass rushing DE/LB
    Signed Wesley Woodyard:Solid depth at ILB
    Signed Al Woods: Decent depth
    Signed Michael Oher: not the answer at OT
    Signed Charlie Whitehurst: Not that good a backup QB but knows Whisenhunt offense
    Cut David Stewart: Was clearly done
    Cut Ryan Fitzpatrick:don't agree with cut we downgraded at backup spot
    Cut Rob Bironas:had a good 2013 season but getting older need cheaper,younger kicker
    Cut Alterraun Verner:Good player we will miss but wouldn't have been good fit in new defense
    More Cuts Coming:C.J. will be on the list also Wimbley could be possible cut as well.

    2014 NFL Draft:We don't know our picks yet but we should get some good players i suspect we will be getting help at RB,LB,QB,etc.

    Coaching Hires:We definitely upgraded not only at the head coaching spot replacing Mike Munchak with Ken Whisenhunt but we also upgraded at plenty of other positions with better coaching.Jason Michael coming from San Diego and Philip Rivers will definitely help our offense at the coordinator position is an upgrade over Dowell Loggains.John McNulty and Mike Mularkey are also coaching upgrades from what we had at the QB and TE spots.Bob Bostad should do a much better job than Bruce Matthews with the offensive line.Sylvester Croom and Shawn Jefferson both deserved to be retained have done good jobs with the RB and WR spots offensively.While i loved Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator i feel like Gray did a horrible job running the defense and Ray Horton will be a better upgrade there no doubt.Lou Spanos will be an upgrade at the linebacker spot.Nate Kaczor was retained as special teams coach not sure if i like that after the disaster we endured but things calmed once Leon Washington was signed.

    Athletic Trainer:While Steve Watterson was here many years Todd Toriscelli will defintely be an upgrade at the athletic trainer and sports director position. In 2011, Toriscelli was named to the NFL Health and Safety Panel and was involved in research projects on dehydration and exercise in the heat with scientists from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. He also completed a large research project on hamstring injuries and other injury-related topics among NFL players. He has published many articles and lectured on topics related to sports medicine.During his Tampa Bay tenure, eight former Buccaneer assistants or intern athletic trainers have gone on to become head athletic trainers at the professional or major college level.I think our players will be in better hands now when it comes to dealing with injuries.
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    I'm not really sure how the team got better by the names you mentioned being signed or getting cut.

    However, this team is better off without Munchak though.
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  3. RockyTop Fox

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    Right now I don't see anything that makes me believe Whisenhunt isn't another Munchak. Even Munchak could have made a super bowl in the weak 2008 NFC with that Arizona team.
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    This team will improve from an X's and O's standpoint, but I fail to see how this team has got better based on the cuts and signings we have done this offseason.

    Granted, we haven't got worse, but it's hard to answer the question as to if we got any better, based on the player transactions.
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    From a roster standpoint idt we r better at all. Actually I think we are slightly worse ( if cj and/or wimbley are cut). as far as the staff goes we are better. That being said our three biggest issues last year were coaching, qb play and consistent b pressure. We have addressed two of those with a new staff and the philips signing ( also a new d cor will help). If we can draft a qb that can earn his spot we a playoff team next year.
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    We managed 9 wins with Munch, Gray, and Fitzpatrick I think we can manage at least 10 with Whis, Horton, and Locker.
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  7. RockyTop Fox

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    How do we know we haven't gotten worse though?
    -Fitzpatrick to Clipboard Jesus
    -Big Country to Mr. Blind Side/rookie
    -CJ to McCluster (who ain't getting 1,000 yards and carrying the load)
    -Verner to BWW and Sensabaugh
  8. SawdustMan

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    This team got better the moment Munch packed up his crap over at BSP.
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  9. Titanup1982

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    1. Fitz was never relevant to the nucleus of this team. Being that he was only a backup.
    2. Big Country played TERRIBLE, and I can't see Oher being any worse.
    3. I think McCluster will do more for this team as a whole, than what CJ did for us last year.
    4. Verner to BWW or Coty is the only drop off that will effect this team from what you listed.


    I believe based on the title of the thread, yes we have gotton better simply with addition by subtraction. Buttmunch is subtracted! = +

    we have had a group of players that have been playing with cancers. Even if you don't see a markable difference between player skill sets, just changing out blood can equal a chemistry of a team that can win a game that a cancerous team of equal talent will lose. Are we changing out the right players? We shall see soon enough. If you don't think that whis is talking to team leaders to find out the personal problems with the players then you re crazy. Whis Is probably more hooked into the inner dynamics of this team than any of us ever will be.
    a smart coach will use info like this to help guide his personnel decisions.
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