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    So you have to admit the last draft class looks pretty good. And regardless if we had drafted DeCastro over Wright our record would not be any better right now, because it does nothing to improve the defense either way.

    Well I guess you can argue our offense could've eaten up more time or something blah.
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    I don't believe 2011 or 2012 draft class has been anything special. And if you are suggesting that our record would be better by drafting defense, 5 of our 7 draft picks were for defense in 2012 and 2/3's were defensive players for 2011.

    And in regards to DeCastro over Wright- I can guarantee to you we'd have had at least the same number of wins with DeCastro in place and have a more solid team need in place and growing. Taking a WR was a luxury pick. Truth is, Munchak/Webster got together and took Wright in hopes to spur Locker's development. Munchak/Matthews probably told Webster/Reinfeldt that we were adequately staff and they could coach up the OL personnel we had. Extending Amano was a total bonehead move as was not being able to land Myers or Wells in FA. So it really is one big CF regarding how the FO/coaches blew the Wright over DeCastro pick. Konz was also available at our 3rd round pick but we went Mike Martin. (too early for me tell on that pick- he started strong, but like Klug haven't seen that much) Seems to me that the more time our rookies spend with Tracy Rocker the less productive they become. I don't know.
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    Until we get stronger offensive and defensive lines we'll never be a real threat to anyone.
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    Best rookie WR and maybe best rookie LB? But nothing special???

    No, all I said was that drafting DeCastro would not have changed our record for this season. That was it.

    Ok nevermind you have some bias against Wright that I do not understand.

    I don't get why people can give credit for actual achievement because Wright has been spectacular for us this season.
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    Right on ! We had an elite running offense when we had the best horses up front. Lendale White ran for 1,100 yards behind an elite line. Same deal on the defense with Hainsworth, Carter, Kerse, and Bullick; they controlled the line of scrimage and we won a lot of games.

    Where's the beef now ?
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    We have only had 2 drafts since Jeff Fisher has left (and I think he had a lot of say in the drafts). I am going to give them points. 1 for a good pick, 0 for average or still to be determined, -1 for bad (keeping in mind when they were picked)

    Jake Locker - The Jury is still out (0)
    Akeem Ayers - Good pick (+1)
    Jurell Casey - Good pick (+1)
    Colin McCarthy - Good when healthy (0)
    Jamie Harper - Still early, but I would say a miss (-1)
    Karl Klug - Great Rookie year, not sure what happened this year (0)
    Byron Stingly - (0) people taken this late aren't expected to do much
    Zach Clayton - (0) same as above
    Tommie Campbell - Good, esp considering where he was taken (+1)

    Kedall Wright - good pick (+1)
    Zach Brown - good pick (+1)
    Mike Martin - good pick (+1)
    Coty sensabough - getting some PT now, but still early (0)
    Taylor Thompson - he was brought in to be a project, so time will tell (0)
    Markell Martin - Late pick and injured, needs more time (0)
    Scott Solomon - Not really expected to do anything this late (0)

    Overall I would give them a +6 over the last 2 years which is pretty good. I really like our drafts the past 2 years. Were there better guys that could've been taken, sure, but hindsight is 20/20. The point is they hit on most of their picks so far, which is MUCH more than we can say for previous years. Give these guys some time to develop with some more drafts, then we will have a lot of talent.

    There is no way Reiny or Webster get fired.