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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Playmaker, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. The Playmaker

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    Just thinking about this last night and we're really not that far off from being a playoff team. Obviously it starts with the coaching staff and if Munch is back next year he has to get capable coordinators instead of that crap he hired last year. Gray is obviously not the answer and OC is still a ?. As for Munch himself I like the guy but I just think he's in over his head and should stick with being an OL coach. I'm getting tired of being out coached every week and never seeing this team make adjustments or winning games that we have to win. I would prefer him gone too but Bud may give him one more year, which is understandable but I rather go ahead and get this done rather than waiting another year.

    On offense obviously our future is determined by how Locker progresses. This is the year where we're seeing the growing pains, the bad mistakes, and ugly games. The best to come out of this season will be in the off season when Locker can get his shoulder healed, get an improved OL, maybe add an additional weapon, and get in the film room and learn from his mistakes. He hits camp next year a new and improved QB and let's see what happens. CJ needs to stay, the money isn't all that bad and right now he's the big name guy. Getting rid of him isn't exactly going to make us better or popular. I think getting rid of our big play guy isn't exactly going to help ticket sales after a bad season. Cook is interesting, if he wants to come back then sure bring him in but I have a feeling he's going to ask for too much and if that's the case see ya. Plenty of solid TE's on the market and I want to see what Thompson can do. On OL we need a lot of help, we need to invest early draft picks and money in FA to improve the OL. We need to protect Locker and to open up some running lanes for CJ, pretty simple.

    Thinking about this defense gets me really frustrated because I know we can be so much better. Take out Gray and put in a DC that knows what he's doing and take out Babs with a good SS and our defense right there gets crazy better. We need another pass rusher, some depth at LB, a SS, and some depth at CB. There are easy fixes in the off season and by doing this we'll have a top 14 defense. Ayers and Brown are 2 really young and talented guys that should be part of this franchise for years to come and if McCarthy can stay healthy we'll have a great LB trio. McCourty and Verner are both good starting CB's but the problem is we have no depth after them.

    To basically sum this up we're a couple players away from being in the playoffs. Let these young guys continue to progress, bring in a couple veterans, and add another good draft class and we're looking at post season play next year as long as Locker improves. That's obviously the biggest question and if he doesn't play well next year then questions should be asked if he's the guy or not. I don't really understand the hate right now, the guy has like 9 career starts but throw in a hurt shoulder and literally no OL and any QB is going to struggle. That's not feeding excuses that's just basic knowledge.

    I've been wanting to make this post for a while but I've been slammed with exams. There is so much more I want to say about the team both good and bad but don't have that much time this morning, grammar probably sucks and it feels a bit rushed. My apologies.
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  2. steverife

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    There are very few really good teams. Cut out the bulk of stupid mistakes and we are a wildcard team.
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  3. Thaddeus43

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    I agree with both posts. We are not that far away. A few key pieces (OL, DL, S) and I think we have a pretty complete roster. The coaching is sketchy at best right now, and with the right guys I think we could have an instant turn around.

    The penalties have absolutely killed us this year. 14 penalties yesterday for over 100 yards?? WTF is that about? And it wasn't just yesterday. It has happened all year long. It has lost us games, and let others just get way out of control when we probably could've kept them much closer otherwise ... to me this is a reflection on the coaches though. We lack focus. And I think its up to the coaching staff to get our guys minds in the right place every week.
  4. Thaddeus43

    Thaddeus43 Pro Bowler

    However I do think that Munch gets 1 more year with new coordinators. Whether he deserves it or not, I think he will get another chance.
  5. xpmar9x

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    Step #1: New Coaching Staff
    Step #2: Fix SS & FS
    Step #3: Fix interior OL
    Step #4: Win baby Win
  6. Finnegan2win

    Finnegan2win hopesfall2win

    None of those will be addressed next year, guaranteed. We'll probably take a RB and TE followed by LB and DE :rolleyes:

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    We need a coaching staff that's been coaching for a while. The new rules have cut down practice time, any young new head coach will struggle to have his team ready just like Munch is.
  8. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Just my thoughts…

    IMO, Munch will remain the HC in 2013 and, right now, I think it's 50/50 we see change at one or both coordinators.

    Obviously, Jake Locker has to become consistently better for the franchise to go anywhere. We need to see a substantial leap next season. If Rusty isn't #2 potential, time to get another QB that the team can develop. If they think he's helping Locker, expect to see Hasselbeck return.

    I keep CJ mainly because I don't think the Titans can do better. I do think the Titans will draft another RB and eventually move towards more of a split role for the RBs. I don't think Ringer stays and Harper might not survive camp unless he steps up his game. There's lots of depth at RB in this draft so there should be quality in rounds 3-5.

    Roos and Big Country are probably okay for another couple of seasons but it's close to time to think about developing a tackle. Maybe Otto is that guy. I don't know if it would be possible to draft a LT (if a top talent were to slide) and eventually move Roos to the right side and Big Country to guard in 2014. Finding a couple of guards has to happen immediately and it could be Amano returns to that role. I'd prefer to see a guard(s) brought in via free agency though don't know what might be available. Time to add some youth to the mix so let's hope they can upgrade Hutch. I don't think Harris' knees allows him to stay.

    I franchise Cook and give him one more season. I think Britt is showing he may be getting close and see him and Wright as being a solid combination. Washington gets one more season but I would not be opposed to seeing a returner/slot guy if Mariani has lost a step. D. Williams gets one more shot but I don't see Hawkins on the roster. They seem to be like this Preston kid but a free agent would not hurt.

    Bottom line: I don't see the need to do a lot on offense. Get another RB and G(s). Supplement with another WR and OL depth. It's all about Locker.

    I don't think Griffin goes anywhere next season but finding a free agent strong safety needs to be the top priority going into the offseason. I also add a corner and would not be shocked to see one taken early in the draft with the goal of eventually moving Verner back to nickel. This might be a target in free agency as well. McCarthy is a stud when healthy but it's time to assume that's not going to be the norm. I grab a MLB though it might be in the 3rd-4th unless a talent slides to the Titans early or they have no faith McCarthy can stay on the field.

    The Titans have gotten more pressure from the DL lately but adding a run-stopping/pass-rushing DE is a must. It sounds like a broken record because most were saying the same after last season. Though the Titans have some young talent at DT, I think that is another area of need. I'd love to see some experience added through free agency to help develop the young guys and add some leadership.

    Recap: Major upgrade at SS is a must. Help on the DL at both DE and DT. Upgrade Mouton/Campbell at CB.

    I'm good with special teams depending on where Mariani is when he returns. I don't break the bank on Bironas but he remains in the top tier of kickers, IMO, so they'll give him a three-year deal.
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    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    No QB can succeed with this rancid offensive line, they stink!

    If Munchak likes being our coach, he'd better fix this O-Line ASAP.

    Fixing that allows everything else to work.
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  10. Titans2004

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    We have 2 major question marks going forward and I think we will gain some clarity on them by this time next yr. And those 2 questions marks are Locker and Munch.

    Munch has to show that he can get his team playing disciplined and inspired football week in and week out. No more major no shows like Indy last yr and Jags this yr. We can't have a bunch of games were we are not competitive.

    For us to be a playoff team Locker just has to improve a little bit. For us to be a SB contending team then he has to make great strides.

    I feel that you have to be dominant on one side of the ball or the other to be a playoff caliber team year in and year out. I have a really hard time deciding which unit is closer.

    On defense the secondary really needs upgrades. We need another starting quality CB and upgrades at safety. I would love to add veterans in FA for these spots.

    I'd like to see our draft build the OL and DL early.

    On offense I would love to see us make a play for Mike Wallace. A young reciever who is a threat to take it to the house at any moment and who has experience playing with a scrammbling QB. Getting him would also give us Britt insurance as well. Wright is a solid reciever, but is more of a slot/possession guy than a real threat.
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