Did the TOMB die?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Hoffa, Mar 25, 2009.

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    As a former TOMB moderator, I can assure you that we were never instructed by the Titans to censor conversation critical of the team, organization, or ownership.

    Where that the case, I never would have felt the need to create in depth threads defending Reinfeldt, Vince Young, Bud Adams, or Fisher.
    I also never would have been allowed to criticize Reinfeldt, Vince Young, Bud Adams, or Fisher.
    Those debates for and against were valued and encouraged.

    The main reason for 95% of the bannings were for being rude.

    It went like this:
    Poster A: I think VY is the best QB ever!
    Poster B: I think that is a foolish opinion.
    Poster A: Oh yeah? Well I think your mamma likes to take strange guys into the alley and.........
    Volunteer Moderator PMs Poster: Hey calm down, your entitled to your opinion, but so are they. Remember the rules you agreed to when you joined "Attack the post, not the poster."
    Poster A PMs Volunteer Moderator back: F*** U! Your a nazi! Who are you to tell me what to do? This is a free country I can say whatever I want!
    Volunteer Moderator PMs Poster A: Please quit with the personal attacks. Yes this is a free country, but this is a private board owned by the Titans and it's their rules not America's. The Titans want this to be a family friendly board. We have posters of different races, religions, and ages. The Titans want everyone to feel comfortable here. So no debates over peoples religions, no content that would be inappropriate for the kids on this board(remember the PG-13 rule), and try to be mindful that older folks post here too who might be easily offended by us younger folks.
    Poster A PMs Volunteer Moderator: What ever, you are just a dipchit on a powertrip.


    Thread starter: All you punks who don't support Pacman aren't true fans.

    Volunteer Moderator deletes thread

    Thread starter: What happened to my thread? The Mods here are Nazi's!
    Anyways, anyone who dosn't support da Pacman is a punk!

    Volunteer Moderator deletes thread again, this time successfully sends PM before Thread starter reposts yet again.
    Volunteer Moderator's PM:
    Your thread was deleted because you violated the rules by calling other posters names. Please do not start threads calling out posters for a flame war either. In the future, if you have a question, concern or problem with the moderation of this board, please be kind enough to Private Message us directly with your concerns (this is also a rule), rather than airing out your dirty laundry to the board. This is a community not a soap opera, and we are only volunteers. Instead of enjoying the board right now, I am busy enforcing rules you already agreed to, that I didn't even create.
    Thread starter sends PM: F off! ur not the boss of me!
    Thread starter posts new thread: The Mods here are arseholes! This place is BS! All I'm doing is trying to share my opinion and they are censoring me! I guess they can't handle the truth!!! You all suck!!!!

    Thread deleted and Thread starter is banned.

    Other than that we banned your run of the mill typical trolls and flame baiters who were only on the board to piss people off for their own satisfaction.

    The other 5% of the bannings were long term members who where given a lot of latitude with their behavior on the board because they were well liked and valued members. But after multiple rule infractions or attempting to intentionally create division amongst the board and or the moderators, they were unfortunately banned. Many were a part of message board wars. Some would come just to trash the TOMB. Some would call out other message boards like goTitans, NFLFury, or Titans Central. The Titans nor the moderators wanted anything to do with wars with other boards. Those topics were off limits. If someone came to our board and complained about goTitans, their thread was deleted. The board was meant for the fans to discuss the Titans, not for cross-board dramas. "Hey look at me! I'm a victim! I'm a victim! Give me attention!"
    Some were banned for continually pushing the PG-13 barrier. Usually graphic language (offensive to kids, old folks, and prudes), sexual images (offensive to kids, old folks, and prudes), and detailed drug references (offensive to kids, old folks, and prudes). Banning those folks sucked, as they were very funny and valued members, but after repeated attempts to get them reeled in, they had to be banned. Unfortunately it created a situation were posters would get mad if other posters continually got away with breaking the rules that they themselves followed.

    Unfortunately as moderators we were forced to often be the judge of what was acceptable within the PG-13 guidelines.
    Did I make mistakes as a moderator? Absolutely
    Did I see other moderators make mistakes? Absolutely
    There was typically over 10 moderators, all with different opinions about what was across the line and what wasn't. In learning how to moderate, I made mistakes that other moderators had to fix or teach me better ways to handle things. And they had to go through the same on the job training that I did too. Unfortunately that meant mistakes in judgment. Unfortunately that meant Yvette often was blamed by angry posters for our mistakes. But overall I am very proud of the community we had and the efforts we made as volunteers to care for it and maintain it.

    Without obeying the Titans rules, there would've been no board period. It was a simple arrangement: The Titans paid for the server, we followed their rules which dictated that the board provide a positive family friendly atmosphere, and we received a free message board free of advertisements.
    That arrangement lasted for a very long time. Many of those years with Yvette as an Admin. Had the Titans not liked her performance they would've banned her. Had they not liked the way the board was run, they would've pulled the plug on the board long before, as they so ruthlessly did earlier this week.

    In the end the board was pulled because the NFL was taking it over and the Titans didn't like the idea of having to spend even more money for an Official NFL Message Board or pay to move it offsite when they were already having to make budget cut backs.
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  2. millakilla8

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    PBV did you really get F*** yous and stuff
  3. PBV

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  4. clint_taurus

    clint_taurus Guest

    that's a very simplistic and inaccurate way to look at it...that implies that only douche bags got banned and all that got banned were douche bags...not the case at all...

    >several douche bags were allowed to post whatever they wanted to over there, including personal attacks on others that violated the TOS...some 'protected' douche bags were allowed to post 10s of thousands of times in this manner, and some were even allowed to moderate at times...

    >several productive, non-douche-bag members were banned for simply disagreeing with administration without violating TOS...and believe it or not, some folks were banned for stating contrary opinions on other message boards...

    either way, its a moot point now...and karma really is a beeyotch
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  5. STF

    STF "blank"

    in comes clint and saves the day
  6. amy

    amy Starter

    Hi, thanks for the info on the Titans board. I was out of town for a week and had no idea what happened. I really did like the board and hope to like this one also!
  7. Titanium

    Titanium TITANFN Staff

    Welcome Amy! There are a lot of Tombsters that have registered here lately, so things are kind of crazy with the influx, but I am enjoying reading from so many new members. Pull up a chair and get comfy :)
  8. wrench248

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    So true, clint, so true...

    In the end the TOMB got exactly what it deserved
  9. RyansTitans

    RyansTitans Good to be back.

    Enjoying the best Titans board in town you guys? :)
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