Did bye week come at right time for Locker?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Pretty much all the games where we have up tons of points was when the offense was sucking it up. I don't think it is fair to blame the D for a lot of the points that has been given up this year. The D has only been terrible in about 3 or so games IMO ... the rest I can't put too much blame on them.

    The Pats and SD games weren't very good for the D, but it was the beginning of the season, and they were young going against some good O's. The Titans O put them in some bad spots.

    The D did a good job for the entire game against Detriot. Held them to FGs, kept Calvin Johnson in check, created turnovers ... for about 59 minutes. The last 1 minute was a giant fluke IMO. The second to last TD was in garbage time, nobody expected them to get the onside kick and have a hail mary get batted directly into the hands of a WR for the final Lions TD.

    We gave up 38 total points to the Texans, but 14 of those were pick 6's by Hass, and I think we turned the ball over deep in our own territory 1 other time if IIRC. So I can only blame the D for about 21-24 of those points. Not bad against them. Held Foster in check for the most part that game as well.

    The Vikings put up 30 on us, but the Titans O only had a total of about 225 yards on offense. We pretty much punted the ball every drive. The D gave us chances to stay in that game. They picked off Ponder twice, but the O did nothing but give the ball right back. They held AP in check for the majority of the game, but when the O can't hold onto the ball for more than 3 plays at a time it doesnt matter. If the O could have sustained drives that game, then no way the Vikes put up 30 pts.

    Offense played well in the Steelers game. They sustained drives, scored points and didn't put too much pressure on the D ... the D responded by playing well.
    Buffalo was one of the games the D didn't play very well in, although one of the scores given up was on a kickoff
    The D played well against the Colts until the final drive in overtime. Did a good job of stopping Luck for the most part and even forced a few turnovers ... the run D seemed bad in that game, but overall they did a good job of keeping the Colts out of the end zone. But this was another game where the O was sustaining drives and not putting the D in bad situations.
    We gave up tons of points vs Chicago, but the O did have 6 turnovers (one went for a TD) and ST allowed a huge return by Hester putting the D in another bad situation ... The D didn't stand a chance in that game, and I can't fault them for giving up 45 points (I don't count the int for TD as the D giving up points)
    Miami, the O played well, sustained drives and didn't put the D in bad situations ... and in return the D played well.
    The Titans D isn't great, but I don't think they're terrible either. They have just been put in some terrible spots by the O in some of these games.
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    I think the bye came at just the right time.

    Our guys are coming off an easy win in which we got our starting QB back in action and the defense played its best game of the year and we didn't sustain any major injuries.

    We are as healthy as any team in the league.

    If we can get consistent play from both sides of the ball we have a very good chance of winning a bunch more games this year.

    Do I think we make the playoffs???? No, I think we miss them by a game. But I think we can take some good momentum into the offseason.

    Of course we could go to Jacksonville and lay a major egg like we did last year and like we did against the Bolts this year.

    At this point though I'm glad the bye came when it did.
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