Did Brandon Jones even dress ?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Blkwallstreet9, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. Did he ? In Chow's system we need guys that can put of big #s in the YAC stat. Bobby Wade is the only I see on the rost. Jones,Roby,and Williams look descent at it but I really think the drafting of wr is at hand next year....

    I wanna get a boatload of draft picks so I say trade our top 5 selection for a ton of day 1 picks .....
  2. joelmunroe

    joelmunroe Camp Fodder

    yes he was on the field for sure on the last drive
  3. yes he did i saw a shot of him on the sideline, and i heard something about him working the sideline or something, givens also did pretty well to get the first down one time afc, he showed me that he had some pretty shifty moves, and that he can catch everything that comes his way, with one of those catches he made, but im thinkin ur like me and would like to draft ginn next year to get a lot of yac, like he destroyed my longhorns with last night =[
  4. im just tired of trying to buy our stars.

    rember thigpen and the other guys we signed thinking that they would be the "it" man for us. missing out on moss and getting dyson ....

    im prepared for a rebuilding session. next years days ones need to be spent on wrs,corners,and linemen both on D and Offense.
  5. i would say our needs are at

    corner. we need another beside pacman.
    wr. need our go to guy at this position. dont resign drew unless he comes very cheap.
    offensive lineman. nuff said
  6. Gunny

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    we will NOT draft a WR with our first round pick.
  7. moose4now

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    How about the Jarrett kid from USC?
  8. Gunny

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    We just paid Givens a tonne. Wade looks to be good. and we drafted three Wide Recievers, one who could be the next #1 and the other two should be decent/good. And maybe Orr.

    Even without Bennett, that is five or six Wide Recievers.
  9. GoT

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    If there is a difference maker at WR available and FR takes a midget secondary player who can return kicks then let the revolt begin.
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