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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Hammer, Jun 17, 2013.

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    I knew somebody would say that.

    And no, I don't. Lots of unknown still... trying not to get my hopes up like last year lol

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    See, last year the 9-7 record fooled us into thinking we were something good, but we now know with that lineup and schedule we're 6-10.

    In 2013 we have a softer schedule, and an improved roster.

    Naturally Locker will be better his 2nd go at starting the season, and find me one hole on the team now... Last year I felt bad about the O-Line and secondary before OTA's, now not so much.

    So based on that stuff, we're at least back to a 9-7 team, with the possibility at 11-5. But us being the Titans means we'll drop 1 game we should win, so 10-6 it is.

    10-6 is a respectable team, we're set to make a playoff run.
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    You would think that, but you never know in the NFL. Look at KC, they went from 7-9 to 2-14 with nearly the same exact team. Not saying we can't make playoffs, as you said above:

    + Young Team, should get better
    + Fixed all major holes
    + Once 9-7, injuries made us suck last year
    + Easier schedule

    but it's the NFL. Plus, we also have a new offensive playbook - which could be a pro or con. Not to mention, Munch knows it's a make or break year so he'll be coaching his butt off hopefully. I thought we'd be in playoffs last year and look what happened, that's why i'm a little hestiate.
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