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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Gunny, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. That kid is amazing, he's played out of his skin returning this year...
  2. Sledge

    Sledge Guest

    Happy we didn't. Yeah, our KR isn't all that, but Wade always gets us past the 20, at least. And at PR, Pacman is just as good if not better. Hester's PR for a TD was when he caught it at his 45... Pac's TDs came from his own 25 or 30...

    And Hester isn't a cornerback...
  3. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    no but thats the would be amazing to have him. that way he could be as effective a retrnman on KR and PR as pac and also that way pac could focus more on defense (and wade would be released from his duties. ) so that way we could have a fresh pacmen on defense, and a fresh pac on returns; so two pacmans...sounds amazin huh?
  4. Although he is quite the talent in KO returns... I wasn't a fan of how it seemed like the ESPN announcers were already crowning him as the Rookie of the Year. Their mini discussion of who could win the ROY didn't even include Vince Young!
    In my books, Vince is the ROY all the way! :)
  5. Fry

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    it saves a roster spot to have guys who can play starting corner and slot receiver who also can be effective on returns. in pac's case he more than "effective"
  6. smili

    smili Starter

    I'll still take our chances with Lendale and put Pac back for punt returns. Not giving up on Lendale - hoping he gets in shape and comes in with fire next year. I don't think we've seen what he's capable of.
  7. LT21Titans27

    LT21Titans27 Tebow Apostle

    honestly if we did bring Hester in, no doubt hes the opposite corner, cuz i bet you he would fit perfect, so what that means, on both kr and punt returns, we have them both back there, and for that we make a 1-2 page playbook, perfect it, and own return games, could you imagine the set ups and fakes we could pull off!!!!!!!!
  8. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    uh, i really doubt he would be our other starting corner. he is awful in coverage. i dont think he is even in the dime package for the bears.

    Hester is an interesting player who came out early after his junior season, which surprised some people because he never established himself on offense or defense at Miami. It's completely understandable that he came out early reportedly to provide for his family, he definitely could have upped his draft position by coming back for his senior season in 2006. He is a raw and tremendously explosive natural athlete who is a legitimate big-play threat every time he touches the ball, but he is going to need to improve his routes and become more consistent maintaining his focus to reach his potential as a receiver. What gives Hester a very good chance to reach it is that every time he touched the ball, he gave an excellent effort running and never quit fighting/competing until he was tackled. Overall, teams should be careful not to overdraft Hester based on his tremendous 40 time, but he also should not be written off because he did not establish himself as a positional player. In the end, he probably will be a backup receiver for the first season or two in the NFL while he learns the finer points of playing the position, and then will become a good starting receiver who is a legitimate touchdown threat every time he touches the ball, but will always struggle to be consistent catching every catchable pass thrown his way. He will, however, be an impact return man from Day 1 and will make a big impact as a rookie because he will be able to help his team consistently win the battle of field position.


    Hester is an explosive athlete who is a threat to score every time he touches the ball. He has excellent vision and instincts to find a seam/crack, and has the burst to shoot through it and the speed to take it the distance. He has shown the hands to make tough catches and shows surprising strength running through arm/grab tackles and keeps his feet against hard hits. He has the ability to run sharp routes and can burst out of cuts to get separation consistently, but does not show it often.


    Clearly, the big issue for Hester is that he has to learn how to play receiver at the highest level after not being able to become a starting receiver at Miami. Despite being a very good athlete, he tends to get up high in his routes, which limits his ability to run sharp and precise routes; right now, they're somewhat raw. He does not consistently maintain his focus on the ball, and it leads to him fighting the ball at times. He is thinner than ideal for a receiver, and he has not proven he can be a durable starting receiver. Despite natural explosiveness, he does not consistently burst off the ball and often is only adequate in release.
  9. bongo59

    bongo59 Camp Fodder

    i told a clown over at the othe rplace before the draft this is a guy who was high first round material.....he laughed it off ................but hester is a stud and was drafted very very low..............Bears got him on the cheap
  10. Gunny

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    see who is laughing in 3 years.
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