Despite 3-0, Fisher Sees Areas for Improvement

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    SUMMARY: This afternoon, Titans Coach Jeff Fisher agrees with the players who feel they haven't played their best game and sees areas the team must continue working on to improve. "They see it. I mean we had opportunities yesterday, we had a lot of opportunities to make plays," said Fisher. "To recognize the formation in which the tight end screen came early in the game and we didn’t stay behind. There’s a lot of things that happened. Little subtle things [like] depths of routes and finishing. CJ [Chris Johnson] had an opportunity at the end of the game on a screen pass to go a long ways. So there’s a lot of little things that we need to continue to work on." Fisher went on to say Nick Harper will be "day-to-day" with a thigh bruise and that the status for Justin Gage will be updated on Wednesday.

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Thread Status:
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