Desmond Trufant or Xavier Rhodes?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by The Playmaker, Mar 13, 2013.

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    So it's looking like Milliner will be off the board by 10 and I'm just wondering who do you guys have ranked as the 2nd best CB? We may even end up taking one of these guys depending on how the next week goes. There were some reports that maybe we weren't interested in going DE in free agency so that leads me to believe 1. Will be addressed in the draft or 2. Happy with our starters and going have bench players, it's probably a mix of both at this point.

    Whenever I read a draft preview on the Titans CB is usually mentioned and some even say we were taking a strong look at going CB in the 1st last year, I'm assuming Dre Kirk or Gilmore. If we decide to go OG later since we signed Levitre and DE later since the Titans are happy with our 2 starters then where else can we go? Possibly DT but the possible signing of Sammie Lee Hill makes me wonder.

    However, considering it's just now entering day 2 of free agency things will be completely shaken up again but figured this would be a good question to ask anyway. As for my pick I would probably have to go with Trufant. Even though Rhodes is a bit more physical and is crazy athletic, Trufant is very versatile and we can stick him about anywhere. He really good in coverage and a lot of Washington people say he's a leader on the team. If he can bulk up a bit more and work on his tackling then I think we might have ourselves a #1 CB. Now I really do like Rhodes but I don't think he would go well with our scheme as well as the versatile Trufant. These 2 aren't the only guys that can be considered the 2nd best in the class but just based off the latest mocks and news they are the next 2 off.

    Also if you're a highlight kind of person:

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    I like both of them...I really hope we trade back now. If we can trade back like 6 or 7 spots it will get us another early pick, save us money, and one of these players will still be on the board: J Cooper, X Rhodes, D Trufant...

    With that said, I'd take Rhodes. His size and athleticism is too much. With him, Mccourty and Verner, we could cover just about any type of WR there is.
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    Don't really know much about either, but just based on the highlights and my gut I like Trufant.
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    Yeah trading back is always a popular opinion but for this year I actually would like to do that if Ansah, both Guards, and both of these guys are still on the board. There isn't a lot of great players in the top 10 so I don't think we would miss out on much. Plus getting an extra 3rd round pick would be pretty nice as well. We've done a good job drafting these past couple of years so I would love to get as many picks as possible for the front office to use.

    Out of those 2 guys though I think Trufant is the best fit. He was highly regarded out of high school but never really found that switch until his senior year under some new coaches that actually knew what to do. He became a shut down corner for them despite little talent around him and no pass rush. I think he even held Lee from USC to like 2 catches. If he was a bit more physical/bigger I would almost bet he's a top 15 lock but that's still something we can teach him to do.
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    I want Ansah now that we have Levitre.

    Trufant would probably be my second choice.
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    This is where I'm at.

    1. Ansah
    2. Trufant
    3. Warmack

    Good news is there are some solid corners later in the draft and OG is very deep as well but obviously Ansah is a guy we shouldn't pass on.
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    Trufant > Rhodes

    I don't think Rhodes' game translates to the NFL as well. He likes to play bump and run all day long. He was never really in a position where he played off the line and had to turn and run with WRs.
  9. The Playmaker

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    I would definitely want to pull the trigger on Trufant if Ansah is gone and we decided to wait and go OG later.
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    if we go ansah ill be pissed...even after all these signings that i like