Rumor Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by VondyP, Jan 7, 2021.

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    Yes, I would absolutely find it relevant that the accusations go against all previous character attributes noted prior to this.

    Not to say he’s innocent by any means, but nothing prior to these accusations would suggest he was going to have these accusations at any point. 100% everyone on this board is surprised when they initially read these accusations. That’s because it goes against all previous notions.

    On the case, does anyone know the time line of first accuser’s incident up to the latest? Curious how long he’s been “sexually assaulting” masseuses.
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    If he settles, how was justice done?
    They were harassed or assaulted and he pad them off. Zero Judicial punishment for his accusations. This would only confirm the bias that if you have money, you don’t have to worry about these accusations.

    On the flip side, say he’s confirmed innocent, how much punishment is already at the point it can’t be undone? His trade market is trash and he’s likely losing his big money in future contracts just because of the accusations and the public opinion (which does not exclude business personnel of the NFL).
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    The petitions allege incidents that range from March 2020 through January 2021.
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    I think it’s easy to feel that way. But it’s the best system we’ve got. Cast lots, draw straws, death fights, no jury? Etc. let the system work it’s the best we can do.
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    Let me start off by saying that what I am about to say in no way excuses Watsons alleged behavior.

    But a guy contacts you via Instagram... I presume this lady is an attractive woman.

    He asks you to come give a massage “focused on his groin, buttocks, and lower abdomen.”

    You inform him that you are not really a massage therapist. He doesn't care.

    And then you are confused and shocked that he tried to get you to massage his junk? Really? Shocked? I'd have seen that one coming a mile away.
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    Yea... except if you start thinking about these women and as legit business that may be about to get a high profile client and it could turn into getting more high profile extremely wealthy clients that need services that happen to fall into your line of work you jump at the opportunity.

    The problem most of you men are having is the business they are in, that they do it in private and they are attractive women. You are making automatic assumptions about the services they provide, It’s a bias you have.

    I might be misreading some of you. I read you said you aren’t excusing Watson, but you are somehow still blaming the woman because she should have known she was going to be assaulted. Thats just wrong in my opinion.

    Lots of self employed people would die for a legit business relationship with a rich celebrity client. It can be financially life changing. A lot of these women are single mothers just trying to make a living and proved for them and their kids. During COVID they took business anywhere they could get it. I would think most people could understand this.
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    All whores, I'm done here...

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    Agreed on the criminal side. But on the civil side I think there is an easy solution. And I actually think it’s something Canada implements. Not often you’ll hear me tout a policy that Canada has in place but I think it would get rid of these money grabs all together. However the down side is there are some who truly were victimized who wouldn’t risk filing a suit.

    If you file a lawsuit and lose you are responsible for paying the other parties lawyer and court fees.
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