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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Daqueef, Sep 29, 2019.

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    Alabama Offensive Line opens truck-sized holes and was perfect for DH to get to speed. This is the NFL, where such OL dominance isn't to be expected.

    No way Robinson brought DH in for the passing game. That's silly.
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    Pretty sure he is talking about Lewis, and JRob getting him due to DH's receiving ability
    (or lack there of depending on one's view of Henry)
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    That’s not the logic I used regarding Barkley. He’s a completely different kind of back than the other two.

    Henry and Blount are essentially the same back BUT I looked into it more than just going off my memory. I was mistaken and thought Blount had more years of production than just the 1 18 TD season. I knew he had reached 1K in TB but thought he had done it again and had more than 1season of 10+ TD.

    That said, I agree Henry has been better despite the overall similarities. The only other difference I would point out is that one was undrafted and the other was a 2nd round pick. At the 3.5 year mark, Blount had about 300/400 less yard and 8-9 less TD on about 100 less carries.

    His last year in TB was basically a non-factor before moving to NE the first stop.
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