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    Brees absolutely wasn't a failure at SD. He had 27 TD's to 7 INT's and a 105 passer rating during Rivers rookie year. They franchised him, he had a good year in 2005, then they offered him a 5 year, 50 million dollar contract and he turned it down and signed with NO.
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    When it comes to the 2014 crop of rookie quarterbacks, most consider three of them to be at the top of the heap: Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, and Johnny Manziel.

    There’s a fourth guy who believes he’s better than all of them.

    Appearing on NFL Network on Tuesday, Fresno State’s Derek Carr was asked whether he’s the best quarterback in the draft.

    Absolutely,” Carr said. “And I say that with respect to all of the other guys because they are great competitors and all of those good things. Of course it’s not easy for me to answer a question like that but I absolutely think so. There is no doubt in my mind and we can turn the film on, sit down and watch it, and we’ll talk about it and I’ll convince you.”

    Plenty of franchises are interested in having that conversation with a potential franchise quarterback. In a separate appearance on the league-owned broadcast channel, Carr rattled off a list of teams with which he has met.

    “Jacksonville, Cleveland, Oakland, Tampa, Minnesota – just the first that come off the top of my head,” Carr said. “Tennessee. I’ve been with them, working out with them, visiting with them, talking to them, the whole process. Those have been the initial ones so far.”

    Carr’s brother, David, was the first pick in the 2002 draft. After five years as the starter in Houston, Carr has served as a backup with the Panthers, Giants, 49ers, and Giants again.

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    I have a much better feeling about Carr now than I did a couple months ago.

    I think it was mainly the name that scared me, but I think he's going to be pretty good. Better than Bortles.
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    funny how he goes in depth talkin about us
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    Is this the new Titans Insider?

    Carr is my 4th best QB on the board, but I dunno if I'd take him high in the 2nd.

    Bortles - Anywhere
    Manziel - Anywhere
    Mettenberger - 2nd round pick
    Carr - Maybe 2nd round pick

    Right now I'm too in love with Mettenberger to consider Carr.
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    metenberger no he sucks

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    Carr is growing on me too. I think the name and that usc had scared me off. He was the best on the gruden camp show and he can really throw the football
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    Carr's 20 wonderlic score was a little disappointing for a kid who has had the opportunity to go to quality schools and has a brother who went through the whole process. I was expecting a little more. His size and athleticism are also basically average.

    His arm, experience and accuracy are all first rate. His attitude and on field performance are all first rate.

    We can talk about his bad games against USC in the Vegas bowl or Oregon last year but no QB played better in a game than Carr did against new Mexico on senior day. 7 TD passes including a perfect deep strike to Adams. You can't throw a better ball than that.

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    Lol.... Triple post
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    I corrected it.