Rumor Deleted Tweet from Conklin's Dad

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by abc2330, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. steverife

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    You realize that you are saying the opposite thing as the quote?

    Cadence means rhythm, flow, measure. Lack of cadence implies that the lineman get slow starts because they don't know when the ball is going to be snapped.
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  2. RockyTop Fox

    RockyTop Fox Offensive Coordinator

    It is possible for both the QB and the OC to be bad...

    Drawing people offsides and keeping linemen honest was literally one of the very few things Mary has actually been good at.
  3. abc2330

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    The entire point of the cadence is to keep the OL a step ahead and give them an advantage. Knowing the cadence (or lack thereof) is useless if the defense does as well .They practically know when the ball will be snapped and the OL will be scrambling to recover and match them. The human body can move forward a hell of a lot faster than it can backwards or laterally. That's what he's saying. I'm not sure why people play dumb just so they can "own" people or just use the "no excuses" caveman football mentality when there is a perfectly logical point to be taken from this and it aligns with what we're seeing.
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  4. Riverman

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    even cavemen know that an Olineman goes to the line knowing the count. and has the advantage in that regard.

    The D doesn’t, they go off sight of movement. A QB uses a cadence, hard counts etc to throw off predictability. The point that was made was that the cadence has been “inconsistent”. And that’s the Point of cadence to catch the D guessing. If an OL cant maintain his advantage knowing the count and is getting put at disadvantage with a cadence then that OLineman needs more practice.That was simply an excuse by an upset parent. I bet Conklin told his dad to take that chit down.

    Never go full Dodd.
  5. RTH

    RTH Meh...

    A "late" snap count has been a Titans staple since the day they became the Titans... never seemed to matter who the HC was.
  6. TitanUp12

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    This has the feel of an offensive mutiny. Hope I’m wrong. Everyone pointing fingers at someone else. This thing with Conklin, Walker’s extremely reduced usage (sure he’s not happy about that). When players start blaming everyone for their problems instead of taking accountability a locker room implosion is never far behind. We’re about to find out what Vrabel is made of. Can he nip this in the bud or will it get worse? We’ll find out in this episode of Titans Dumper Fire.
  7. Broken Arrow

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    Conklin is getting blown up every single play -- naturally he's going to point the finger....
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  8. Broken Arrow

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    you'd sell your colon virginity if it meant you got a rumor added to your agenda
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  9. ICBW

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    snap count is a new one lol. Conk was an all pro with Mariota's snap count now all of a sudden it's a problem.
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  10. Vigsted

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    I'll have to pay attention during the next game, but my impression has been we're not using a snap count, at least not always.
    Rather Mariota signals Jones when he's ready, and Jones then snaps it at will.
    It's supposed to remove the possibility of the defense to guess the snap count, but I've always found it retarded because the defender will always have the advantage if both don't know when the ball will be snapped (better vision of the ball, going forwards as opposed to backwards, etc).
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