Del Rio: 'We don't have it rolling right now'

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Oct 27, 2008.

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Jack Del Rio is looking for an attitude adjustment.

    Today, he was asked if opponents fear his Jaguars. His answer certainly suggested he does not think so.

    "There is a certain style, a certain... You just watch the tape, you can tell who's really humming, who's really flying around, who's really attacking the ball carrier, attacking the receivers, doing things with confidence and trust and doing things together. I know what it looks like; I've been around a lot of great defenses. We don't have it rolling right now. We're working hard to get it there. He's probably discussing it along those lines because we continue to talk about it. We continue to search for it. We've seen it in spurts, we just haven't seen it enough. Believe me, we want it. We're pushing for it.

    It really comes down to when you give things up, it's hard to get into that frame of mind. Heck, it's hard for the fans to get into that frame of mind. When you get rolling and you're running around, you're knocking, helmets are flying and balls are flying, people are laid out because you're flying around knocking the snot out of people, then we can all feel that. We haven't had enough of those moments consistently this year. So I think that's what he's referring to, that's what we're searching for. But I think it takes the consistent application of basic fundamentals -- tackling, shedding blocks, covering your guy -- just basic things that you have to execute well and then you execute it well and you kind of get into a frenzy, kind of get into a frenzy where you feel good and you feel confident about what's going on around you and what's you're doing and it kind of snowballs in a positive way. And those are things we're still striving for."

    I've thought for a while the Jaguars are pretty much a middle of the pack defense. The way for them to control games and scare people is to get their running game going the way it's capable of.

    They are at Cincinnati this week, then at Detroit. If they cannot force the run game issue against those two teams, their season isn't going to extend past their regular season finale on Dec. 28.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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