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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by maximus, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. maximus

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    So yeah, there are 1001 posts and threads about the defensive problems of the Titans. It's LT, its Jimmy, its ReyRey, etc. After the highlights of the game that Titan Jeff has a link to in the Titan Highlight forum, I have come to this conclusion about the Titan defense.
    Not only is it Jimmy's lack of blitzing, the soft safety play of LT, and Rey Rey's missed tackles, its a lack of discpline. The guys arent staying at home, LT starts running left, the entire defense goes left, LT cuts it back, big gain. This happened several times during the game with LT and Turner, and Charlie "I wanna be like Mike Vick" Whitehurst even busted out a 19 yard TD run on us.

    Why? Nobody is staying at home. Anyplay like an Reverse, HB-Option, End Around, play action bootleg is a great play for opposing offenses because we dont stay at home.

    The "highlight" were sickening to watch...the girls flag football team that I coach plays with more discipline that the Titans
  2. Gunny

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    man the apocolypse will be coming if there is anymore Rey bashing. :brow:
  3. Fry

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    you know you're bad when people are calling for woolfolk to start ahead of you.
  4. Gunny

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    thus the apocalypse is coming.
  5. Louisiana Titan

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    Our Defense's biggest problem is our offense going 3 and out every series
  6. Soxcat

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    One of the biggest problems on defense is obviously the coaching. Watching some of the last game over again I'm convinced we still have major problems at safety. Hope made alot of tackles (had a huge wiff on the first run of the game whre LT danced outside for 15) but he was always a step slow and was making tackles after the fact. Lamont simply stinks. If we had better safties we could play more of a man low zone high which is a cover 2 deep with the safties taking the two halves of the field deep and the other 5 guys, the LBs and CBs playing man. Again this is partly a personnel problem but our DC is plain stupid. They didn't throw Pacman's way at all. I would have run the 2 deep low man with both safties cheating to Hill's side letting Pac stay deep with his guy if he went there. Then the safety could have easily stayed over the top on Hill and Hill could have played under those routes. Bottom line, our DC is an idiot.
  7. Puck

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  8. actually the first run that LT had was 2 yards, that was the second run
  9. GoT

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    No thats the Os biggest problem

    The fact that 3rd and whatever is automatic just by throwing to McCardell on Hills side is the reason the D was on the field all day.

    The NFL has had lots of DEFENSIVE battles where teams punted back and forth playing a field position game. If the Titan D was competent then that is what would happen if the O is struggling.

    It is a big misdirection to blame the O for the D problems. The O has enough problems without that.
  10. TitansWV

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    How 'bout this as an explanation to both the offensive & defensive problems...

    All week Kerry Collins practices agains our defense - he probably feels no pressure, completes almost half of his passes and since everyone is wearing a titans uniform, it really doesn't matter to him if it's caught by the offense or defense.

    All week our defense practices against Kerry Collins - they probably think passes soaring out of bounds or out of reach of the receivers is SOP for NFL quarterbacks. Plus, Kerry puts the ball right where the DB's and LB's like it, no chasing receivers down like Pennington and Rivers made them do.
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