Defense why must we be so base?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by LANGSTER, Sep 26, 2012.

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    Chances that that 80 yard bomb connects are way lower than the 4 20s.

    Gray doesnt get that obviously.
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    We blitzed quite a bit early in the Pats game and got destroyed by it. We ran zone blitzes and Brady picked us apart. Even with the blitz, he wasn't getting touched because the ball was out too quick.

    We sacked Rivers 4 times but still got gashed by the passing game.

    We got a lead last game by playing bump man coverage with safety help and then switched to a much "safer" defense in the 2nd half once we got the lead. I can't really fault Gray for that decision because it worked. They didn't get back in the game by throwing on us, they got back in the game from the onside kick, the hail mary, and their running game picking up 1st.

    We're still figuring out what works on defense. We're still changing up personnel and figuring out what's best. It's too early to make any sort of assesment about our scheme because our scheme is getting tweaked. We've got new personnel on the field and its gonna take a few games for everyone to settle in.

    The best part about our situation IMO is that we should only get better as the season progresses. Ayers is coming on, Martin will only get better, and Wimbley and Morgan have been solid. I don't think our run defense will be an issue later in the season. We could get surprised and see a huge improvement this week with a healthy Casey and Marks and McCarthy returning.

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    Other than Zach Brown who is still learning this defense, we don't have much speed at OLB, so we're not going to blitz the 3 best QB's we're going to see when doing so will just result in playing with 10 guys.

    I'd expect to see more blitzes this week with McCarthy coming back (if he does).

    But relax guys, it's still early, and our team is still feeling each other out. Once we have time to gel, we'll be a better D.
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    Yeah, and Brady might be the absolute last guy you should blitz a lot. Go figure.
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    I was going to mention that I really hope Gray watched the Denver-Atlanta game, to see how the Falcons caused a lot of confusion in their 4-3 front. Of course Gray is too dumb/stubborn to give that a chance.

    Ayers is turning into a real force, I think we have got to blitz him much more often from multiple formations.
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    General rule of thumb when it comes to blitzing. If you don't get to the qb, you're gonna get effed in the A
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