Defense why must we be so base?

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    Why is it that this defense looks alot like chuck cecil? Why do we always play base and mostly zone and put the safeties back so we " wont give up the big play"? I would drather give up the big play than watch these long scoring drives thats what wears out your defense. If we cannot get to the qb with four bring 5 if that doesn't work bring 6. But do not sit there and give up 350 to 450 yards passing to every good qb you face and let them leave the game with a clean jersey. I know you cannot blitz all the time but how about some of the time? Akeem Ayers that is what he does really well but we have him in coverage.

    Drafted zack brown because he is fast let him blitz or better yet let him man up on the TE. Sure do not ask griffin to do it. Griffin cant tackle and is not physical so we make him the strong safety. ( and pay the guy wow!)

    As fans do not ask us to get loud up 41 to 27 with 1:18 to go and then give us the mustang prevent defense!
    We are 31st in league on defense and we stay the same old course. Base 4-3 zone, pick us apart and wonder why the defense is on the field the whole game. No pressure. I thought we, based on the last few drafts, would show some hybrid looks and some 3-4. At least the first 6 games last year we brought some pressure before we went back to the old ways against the bengals at home last year and it got us beat. That base defense has opposing qb's licking their chops. Look how atlanta played SD then re-watch how we did it.
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    Your base are belong to us.
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  3. Scarecrow

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    What ever gave you the impression that we would run a 3-4 at times?

    We have most of our players that we expect to be around for some time, except for the DL. I would like to see Ayers and Brown in there pressuring the QB at times. I thought that is what they were drafted for.
  4. Finnegan2win

    Finnegan2win hopesfall2win

    I miss the days when our D was known to be physical and intimidating.. now it's a bunch of pillow fluffers playing patty cake with the other team.

    And a coach that puts safeties in the end zone when the opponent is at the 40. :rolleyes:
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    it was hard too watch the D sunday, but at least the CBs were playing tighter and there was some third down stops.
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    I'm not sure what the OP means but I do think scheme impacts attitude. If you are worried about giving up the big play so you put your safeties 25 yards behind the LOS, then I wonder how much that impacts the aggressiveness and attitude of those players.

    In the first half, the CBs were disrupting the Lions WRs. As the game wore on, they appeared to give more cushion. The TD to Megatron was a gimme. It's like McCourty had gotten so in the mode of giving him space to avoid the big play, he didn't adjust.

    I wasn't a fan of Cecil but he did seem to get the defense playing with more aggression. However, it didn't pay off in production... which probably kills my theory. ;)
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    I saw this thread title and was seriously coming here to post that video.
  8. Gunny

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    I honestly thought the thread title was in reference to that.

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    I just thought that getting bigger in the d-line and the drafting of ayers would mean more hybrid 3-4 looks in fact i heard jerry gray make the statement that we would be doing more hybrid looks and have read it in print. I see nothing but the 4-3 with the linebackers back and us sitting in zone waiting for the ten play drive. I like some of the aggressive play calling and more passing on offense. The game has changed it is a passing league. But watch the good defenses, they are aggressive and people are flying around the football and the line. I really like the way we played defense when greg williams was here and I thought that was what we were getting with gray.
  10. corymiller

    corymiller New Era Connoisseur

    What's better? Giving up 1 80 yard pass or giving up 4 20 yard passes?

    Jerry Gray will tell you the latter.
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