Defense Rebuild: Inside Linebackers

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Dangermode, Feb 9, 2021.

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  1. Dangermode

    Dangermode A New Era has Begun

    Next up is ILB. Right now we have just Evans and Long Jr under contract. Jayon Brown unfortunately is heading into FA, though coming off his injury, and possibly his least impressive year as a Titan, his price might not be too high. Let's look at these guys.

    Rashan Evans has regressed and has yet to show the consistent playmaking ability we’d hoped for. That being said, he’s still young and has room for improvement and at $3.6 million next year is quite affordable. Could we trade him and get anything of value? My guess is a 3rd rounder at best. Not worth it. Some have suggested moving him to edge which I find fascinating, but I’d have to see it in action first.

    David Long Jr. continues to excel. The guy is everywhere on the field. With more reps, I could see him REPLACING Evans in the future. He might be a defacto starter next year if we don’t bring back Brown. A combination of Long Jr. and Evans is adequate to good IMO.

    Sidenote: Can we take a second to recognize what a draft class 2019 was with Simmons, AJ Brown, Nate Davis, Hooker and Long Jr.?!

    This brings us to Jayon. While this wasn’t his best year, he’s still our best ILB and a top 20 ILB in the league. There will be suitors, though the cap situation and the injury may keep his price affordable. I’d love to see him back, but only at the right price. Would much, much rather see money spent on DL & Edge.

    Free Agent, Trade or Draft an ILB? I cant see a way we could upgrade over Jayon with our cap situation and using a high pick on an ILB seems unlikely. Maybe Will Compton comes back for cheap to keep on Bussin'.

  2. Passepartout

    Passepartout Ready for August

    Either draft an ILB or seek a trade there. Over Jayon is my guess!
  3. Titanic_Sub

    Titanic_Sub Pro Bowler

    I'd like to keep all three around if possible. I think ilb is a position we actually could be pretty good at, the talent is there it's just getting it to perform up to its potential.
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  4. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor

    I'd like to keep Jayon Brown. If not, draft a mobile ILB. I don't want to return to the days of TE slants destroying us.
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  5. Titanoiler51

    Titanoiler51 Starter

    I would love to keep Brown if we can afford him. My guess is with the emergence of Long you they let him go. You need to save money where you can. And Evans you keep because like you say he is cheap—and I think he is better than your assessment.

    I would guess Evans and Long will be our starting ILBs next years.
  6. Tbone in TN

    Tbone in TN Special Teams Standout

    What about bringing Avery Williamson back? He will be a FA this year if I heard right. He does have some chemistry with the players here as well.
  7. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    I don't see teams giving Jayon a huge deal. He is probably going to go with a team who gives him a one-year deal so he can show his value and hit free agency again after the 2021 season.

    Evans baffles me. He flashes then disappears. I don't know if he has the instincts needed or if Vrabel is using him properly. He'll get another season to figure it out.
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  8. Aqutis30

    Aqutis30 Do you mind - NOT being a Motaur?

    Teams to Jayon Brown - "We want to see if you can go a game without getting injured"
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  9. Johnnyb

    Johnnyb RTR

    I'd rather sign Brown back and use draft capital on DL and pass rushers.

    We're not going to have enough cap to really be in the business to sign any big name pass rushers, so I'd rather spend it on a guy we know is good, won't be terribly expensive, and allow us to use our draft picks other places.
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  10. HurrayTitans!

    HurrayTitans! Useless trivia knowledge champion

    We need a ILB that can cover. That was one of his biggest short comings.
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