Defense’s slow starts concern Munchak

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    The defense will need to shore up its play early in games or the Titans will be facing deficits similar to last season.

    Coach Mike Munchak acknowledged as much on Friday, a day after the Vikings scored touchdowns on their first two drives against the Titans in the preseason finale.

    In the opener, the Redskins scored a touchdown on their second drive. In the second week, the Bengals scored touchdowns on their second and third drives. In the third week, the Falcons booted field goals on each of their first two drives.

    “Atlanta was a lot better than we hoped, but they still moved the ball on us, even though we held them to field goals,” Munchak said. “I’d rather that happened yesterday with younger guys playing, but we gave up some touchdowns early.”

    In each of the first eight games of 2012, the Titans gave up a scoring drive on one of the opponent’s first two possessions.

    “We know we’re going to have a hard time winning and getting off to a hot start if we’re going to let teams move the ball on us early,” Munchak said. “We need to work on that.”

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