Debate: Brown vs. George

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SEC 330 BIPOLAR, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. GoT

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    EG's contribution in the passing game should be considered, like all football stats, relative to the O he was in. CB's teams have been LOSERS and LOSERS throw the ball more creating more oppertunities to catch a ball, especially on a Fisher coached team. Taking that into consideration EG's recieving stats were not bad at all and compare favorably to CBs.
  2. RollTide

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    They don't have to release henry. Doing so would make him available to other teams. They just need to sign a new contract to replace the current one. Until they do the numbers have to be considered.

    If they decide they can't get a good deal with henry they can release him and save $1.5M on the cap.

    I just hate to think we used a 3rd rd pick on that guy for nothing.

    You want to discard brown simply because he is not eddie in his prime. That's silly. So the only backs that you would have on the football team are pro bowl type guys? Is that what henry and nash give you? You said you want the titans to win with the best RBs they can afford. Ok, tell me who we can get that is better than brown for $605k. Good luck. Like i said before we paid robert holcombe more than brown. Holcombe made $800K his last year in nashville as he gained 200 yards. You rather have him?

    Brown vs henry 2004-2005

    Brown 1918 yards, 4.3 average.

    Henry 661 yards 3.6 average.

    But brown should be cut and henry signed to a long time deal. Yeah travis was really tearing it up there!

    You had mentioned that nobody knew about travis' drug issues. Really? You don't get a 4 week suspension for a single offense. Floyd reese and jeff fisher should have known.
  3. Lumebray

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    brown hasnt had a single 100 yard rush game this season, thats pretty sad
  4. GoT

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    I thought the first positive P test was confidential between the league and the player. Second was the 4 game suspension, where the Titans were done in by Travis "I be Smokin'" Henry. And third was year off. Forth was off till reinstated by commisssioner.

    I am sure somebody will correct me.
  5. Nine

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    Brown isn't so much to blame for this....this responsibility falls to the pitiful blocking, questionable playcalling, and general lack of commitment to the running game.

    No running back can be successful when they're constantly getting hit at or behind the line of scrimmage...especially not a finesse back like Brown. Brown's greatest gift is his vision...he can see the holes almost before they develop, and has a knack for turning a tiny crease into a 12 yard gain. However, thanks to the piss-poor run blocking this year, those creases simply didn't exist....Brown had nothing to work with.

    (You want to know what's really embarrassing? Not only did the Titans not have a 100-yard rusher all year, but they never got a wide receiver over the hundred yard mark, either.)
  6. Soxcat

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    IMO Brown is the type of runner that doesn't need much of a hole as Nine points out. He can find creases. Brown isn't a good runner when ther are no creases to find (not many are and certaily EG wasn't either). Henry struggled finding running room as well but Henry is a little better at the power game yet Henry had the same YPC as Brown.
    The bottom line is the OL and blocking schemes were terrible this year and on top of that we got into positions in games where we couldn't pound the ball even if we wanted.
    I just don't get why people have such short memories. Year after year we would scratch our heads trying to figure out why our multi million dollar 1st round draft pick at RB would struggle so much especially in the early part of the season. The first year EG is gone Brown ran wild posting 6 100 yard games and 1000+ yards despite missing 5 games and parts of others. Then Brown has a bad year when it is obvious the whole offense was out of wack for a number of reasons and Brown automatically sucks. Brown and Henry's YPC were still not terrible by NFL standards and about .5 yards more than EGs last 4 years. Heck LT had a 3.9 YPC in 2004. In 2003 LTs average was 5.3. Did he all of a sudden go from all world to being a crappy back?
    Willis McGahee, the savior and replacement for Henry in Buffalo had a 3.8 YPC average last year and the same number of rushing TDs as Brown. Kevin Jones and LaMont Jordon didn't have any better YPCs either and Julius Jones only had a 3.9.
  7. fitantitans

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    QUOTE; "You want to discard brown simply because he is not eddie in his prime."

    Comparing Eddie to Brown? No way. Night and day. The only time I mentioned Eddies name was to be used as a Sports Caster! You have mistaken my comments for someone elses.
    I don't think any of our backs could get us to the playoffs. If I was to choose between the two, well, everyone knows who I would take. That's my opinion. One has a 'weed' problem, one is injury prone.
    I remember last year having a simular debate over our recievers. I did not believe that our #1 and #2 recievers would be good enough to compete. I was called various names by a select few for saying that Drew was a good reciever, but not good enough for the #1 role. Am I saying the same thing about Brown & Henry, probably. If Henry could get his head back into the game 100%, and Brown could stay healthy and on the field, together they could do some damage. That was the FOs idea all along.
    Certainly their lack of yardage is not all of their doings. Neither can hit a hole that doesn't exsist. We have a lot of position problems on both sides of the ball.
    Let's remeber why the FO brought Henry here;
    His first year with the Bills 2001, 729 yds, 4tds, 3.4 average
    2002 1,438yds 13tds 4.4 average
    2003 1,356yds 10tds 4.1 average
    2004 326 yds with 94 attempts (uneasy year with coaching staff)

    QUOTE; "You had mentioned that nobody knew about travis' drug issues. Really? You don't get a 4 week suspension for a single offense. Floyd reese and jeff fisher should have known."

    That's exactly what I said, the FO knew about the problem before signing him, they had to.
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  9. Brown29

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    Henry and Nash over Brown? LMAO
    That's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time ;)
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