Dear Michael Griffin

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    especially when we could have kept Finnegan!
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    There goes our "Franchise Player" :rolleyes::puke:

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    I find it ironic how Gray talked about the Gator Truck, and Javon Ringer ends up the one getting carted off.

    But yea back to Mike Whiffin, dude sucks, we all knew it when he was signed back. Ruston is a moron for that one.
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    Ruston is a moron

    no need too quantify
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    Yep. Nothing new here. He still sucks. This isn't news, this is "olds"

    Everything that can be said about his crappiness has been stated by me and everyone else a million times over.

    Simply one of the worst out there.
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    He missed countless tackles and most were downright embarrassing attempts. Almost like he purposely misses them but wants to look like he's in the right spot.

    That one WR was on the sidelines - Griffin cam running with a 10 yd line and a straight shot....dude had no idea he was coming- Griffin slows up before hitting him, and the guy just shoves him off and continues running.

    The penalty... First time Griffin actually hit someone AND Munchak showed emotion... Blew my mind.
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    I pooped myself a little... no lie
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    Griffin doesnt suck. Hes not a ELITE safety but hes starter caliber. You guys have to understand certain players perform well under certain schemes. Griffin is a coverage safety. When he is or was allowed to roam freely, he made plays by picking passes off or tipping them. He doesnt tackle well, due to being a COVERAGE safety. Not all safeties are able to tackle and cover. Hes the free safety, his job should be to remain in coverage most of the time. He gets too much hate from Titan fans when hes one of the few good players we have. Yes you are reading it right.

    Not to mention you guys brought up a point on him making a hit today and still getting fined. Well you guys do remember how tight the league protects offensive players now. Griffin used to be able to tackle solidly. He is just one of the players who cant find a way to tackle someone without being too careful. He doesnt want to get fined, or flagged for a hit. Thats why if u watch alot of his angles are soft and not direct. Same with trying to break up a pass. We forget we are so used to old school football that when we see players missing tackles, and missing tips, we go come on you suck etc etc. Some of these guys play soft because this is the NFL's fault. Its nearly impossible to play defense half the time. Tackling, sometimes you can get away with tackling dirty or sometimes you get flagged.
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    Cronism and staying loyal to the people you know...
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    $90,000,000.00 for players that aren't worth the league minimum. Someone call the police because we're getting robbed. Just remember... when your PSL prices go up.. This is what you are paying for.