Dear Jerry Gray

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, Oct 1, 2012.

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    Unless someone outbids us. We are notorious for our guys leaving after their rookie contract.
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    I'm not sure why you guys are complaining this much. His D actually played well for the most part and he changed up the scheme too (safeties were back to their normal position, he tried blitzing the safety couple times, etc...). They kept arguably the best offense in the NFL in check for the most part (please ignore final score and allow me to explain).

    I mean going into the half, our D kept us in the game. In fact till this point, opposite that first drive, they played great (when taken in context, even amazing). Now we were getting the ball back first with the chance to tie the game. You tie the game here, its a whole different story.... Well the O didn't tie the game and we punted again (we were able to pin them down near the goal line though).

    At this point I was thinking, ohh boy, here we go, Texans gonna march and bust this game open!! Well they didnt... heck they barely moved and the D held strong again and forced them to punt.

    Again, it was on the our O with another (you cant keep saying that word against a good team guys) chance to tie the game. I was very very impressed with our D at this point...

    So here comes the O, (somewhat) shorten field ready to tie the game.... what we do on the very first play, oh yes a pick 6..... I mean TT was actually (almost wide) open, it was a very easy pass and no pressure in Matt's goodness...21 - 7..

    OK OK, now at least the offense needs to come back and get those points back...AT LEAST... I mean 14 - 21 is not bad at all... Some decent running by CJ to start it off, hey there still might be a chance... Penalties... Punt... Urghh - CMON OFFENSE!!!

    Now, you expect the D to hold again for the... i don even no 'timth' this game... after the O barely moved from our own 20 and had to punt... I mean c'mon guys...

    The funny thing is they almost did and it was ironically Griffin who let them down. They stopped em first and second down to create 3rd and short, what happened next you ask...

    Griff messed up. It was a run play to his side. He was playing or rather sitting on the LOS. Thing is he really had a chance to knife in and make a tackle or at least slow him down for someone else before the 1st, but that means he actually needs to do two things: (1) be aggressive and (2) make a play... WHEN YOU PLAY THE DAMN LINE GRIF U GOTTA BE AGGRESSIVE, THATS WHY GRAY PUT U THERE....

    Not only does he not attempt to make a play, he wiffs on an easy tackle which generates a pretty big gain...

    [Insert Picture of Broken Back with "Defense" written on it please....]

    Below you'll find a post i did after the game; it was under the 'Positives...' Thread, bold parts relate to our D:

    1. O-Line & CJ - He was decisive and that helped guide the line to block well. The line was also assertive in their blocks. Line actually opened some holes too and held some of their blocks. CJ fell forward a lot too - instead of sideways or backwards... But like TitanJeff said, lets hope its not an isolated game.
    2. Morgan - He played another really solid game. He sealed off his edge really well for the most part of the game game against a solid run O. No sacks again, but while holding his lanes and sealing his end, I think he was still able to rush the passer well.
    3. Casey - He played really well today: eating up double teams effectively, pushing the pocket, and making some nice stops too.
    4. ATV & JMAC - Both played well.
    5. Brit / Lock Talking on the Sidelines - Yeah not much positive in the game today, so im counting this as one of them - they were developing some chemistry - LOL. No, but in all seriousness, I hope they were like 'we ain't never gonna let this happen to us when we play.'
    Back to reality, if you watch closely obviously all those players I listed above (Morgan, Casey, ATV, JMAC) probably had some bad moments, but for the most part against a top O, they did really really well.

    The D in general really kept the team in the game, but against Houston, you need some O and as usual Matt couldn't deliver. D was kept out their too long and you can't expect them to hold forever. The O not only needs to give them a rest but needs to score to help keep them hungry, again especially against a team like Hou.

    Thing is the way the D played early definitely makes me believe that had the offense shown up (Lock not gotten injured, coupled with an actual effective running game for once), the score probably woulda looked a lot different in a game we really could have won. That sounds pretty good and 'positive'... and I haven't even factored in a healthy Britt.

    Another positive I guess is that this game helped me put to sleep any fear or uncertainty that this should be Locker's team... Please keep the ball away from Matt until told otherwise.


    As far as im concerned, this is definitely more on the O then the D....
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    That's why you do him like they did McCourty, wait til his last year and make an offer. Don't wait for his deal to run out, cause then we may lose him.
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    I suck as splitting up quotes but loved the "whiff griff" that guy is pure awful. Also I'm 100% in favor JCBrave getting a shot out there. Probably wont work but could be publicity stunt and at least keep me entertained during a game rather then fighting the urge to toss my TV out the window. Who knows maybe he will pull a Waterboy... Then ESPN might acknowledge our existence!
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    Lol... First, you complain about Babs and Griffin... then two sentences later.. you want the D to blitz more so those guys can fall back in one on one coverage. I think you are asking for the 1985 Bears defense but you've filled your roster with the cast of Little Giants and Rick Moranis is the coach.
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    If Griffin can play in the NFL anybody can.
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    Hey the Little Giants defense would make Jerry Grays defense look like a Pop Warner squad. Don't insult Rick Moranis by comparing him to Jerry Gray.
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    I actually thought that the D would be a lot worse.

    The D only gave up 24 against a superior team on the road (Only 10 in the second half).

    You can't win too many games only scoring 14 points.
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    The game got out of control in the 4th quarter, but I can't give Jerry too much hell in this game. Late in the 3rd we were still in the game with the ball in our hand. The defense done a pretty nice job (minus the opening drive) and our offense just couldn't punch it in. Our offense gave up quite a bit of them points.
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    Morgan was very unimpressive btw, I watched him much of the game. He lost contain badly at least twice, allowing Tate to bounce outside for a huge gain, and he did it later against Foster. That said, he held up well against the run for the most part, especially between the tackles. But he has almost no pass rush, which is the most important aspect of being a 4-3 DE. Worse is he's playing against RT's exclusively and he still can't get sacks, that's a bad sign.
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