Breaking News Dean Pees Announces Retirement!

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by ropy0386, Jan 20, 2020.

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    I gotta believe vrabel knew this was happening. Maybe coombs knew he wasnt getting promoted hence jumping back to college, which seemed weird a few weeks ago but this scenario might make sense
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    JCBRAVE goTitans 2019 Survivor Champion

    He was a bad head coach last year too, no reason not to think he could improve as a DC play caller.
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  3. Sevenfeet

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    Word is that the Titans linebackers coach (whose name escapes me) is being discussed for DC jobs with other teams. With Pees now retiring, that leaves open the possibility for elevating him and just having to backfill that position.
  4. VondyP

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    tyrone mckenzie... also terrell williams on the DL might be a possible dc candidate for us, he has the most coaching experience by far on defense
  5. ropy0386

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    Why? so our defense can get carved up in the passing game? We're a better defense at stopping the run at 3-4 and the pass
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  6. Titansman1

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    If there was one spot I didn’t have a problem making a change, besides offensive line coach, I think DC is it.

    While he’s done a pretty good job over all and I’m glad we had him here to help with the process, but I’m not a fan of his style. Way too many yards allowed, third down conversions and red zone defense was all pretty bad.

    Can’t beat teams like the Chiefs deep in the playoffs with a defense that constantly allows conversions on 3rd and forever. Or multiple drive that end in TDs, or being unable to hold to FGs.

    We did pretty good on points allowed, and turnovers which is important, but I don’t feel like you’re going to consistently beat these high flying offenses when you’re allowing 400-500yards a game and allowing TDs of 68% or whatever it was once a team reaches the red zone.
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  7. Tricky

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    With the talent we have on D and the run we just made, we should be able to land who we want, right? Right?
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  8. TitanJeff

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    I wouldn't be surprised. This D will be Vrabels so he'll want someone who can deal with that.
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  9. SalmonSlayer

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    What a bummer, Pees was good and finally got our secondary to play like a real NFL caliber squad, they were good for once! Remember the days not long ago we always gave opposing WRs 15 yard cushions on 3rd and 4? Also, our stupid secondary gave Johnny booger sugar manziel his first NFL victory! He kept bombing it on us...unbelievable.

    I hope the new DC and keep our defense playing at a high level.
  10. HurrayTitans!

    HurrayTitans! Pro Bowler

    So much for continuity.

    Let’s hire the bounty man Gregg Williams back.

    Seriously though, I hope they can get a proven guy like Phillips but probably be an inside hire of some unqualified person.
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