Darius Reynaud has freedom in return game

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    On two different occasions against New England, Titans return man Darius Reynaud brought a kickoff out of the end zone despite being at least five yards deep.

    Both times, Reynaud was tackled short of the 20-yard line.

    Coach Mike Munchak said Reynaud has the freedom to make decisions.

    “I see teams bring it out nine (yards) deep, and have taken it to the house doing that,’’ Munchak said. “We feel he has home run capability and we don’t want to discourage it. In a situation within a game we may tell him not to bring it out, but if feel good about who we’re playing and what we are doing, we’ll give him some freedom on that.”

    Reynaud returned four kickoffs for a 24.5-yard average on Sunday, with a long of 30. He didn’t return a punt.

    Source: Titans Insider
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