Daniels belongs in discussion of top AFC tight ends

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky Understandably, Owen Daniels has been on the outside looking in when it comes to conversations about the AFC's top tight ends.

    Think of the resumes and histories of Antonio Gates, Anthony Gonzalez and Dallas Clark

    But the Houston Texans tight end should turn it into a four-name discussion if he continues his current pace.

    With 32 catches for 395 yards, he currently rates as the AFC's second most productive tight end. Gonzalez has one more catch and Gates has eight more yards, but Gates has played in one more game.

    Both of Owens' touchdowns came in one game, and I've been wondering for a while why he's not a more frequent red-zone target. More scores could simulatenously helpÂ*diversify the Texans offense and boost Daniels' profile, not that the team is concerned with the second element. It's too early to ponder the Pro Bowl, but that's one of his goals, and perhaps his wait for a spot won't be as long as many of us expected.

    "There's a very select amount of people that even get to play in the NFL let alone go over to Hawaii and play in that game," Clark told Houston reporters. "I think that would really just show respect from all of the peers because they're the guys that are really voting other players in and that's what we're trying to do-get respect from everyone else around the league. So, it would mean a lot for sure."

    The Titans imported tight end Alge Crumpler as a free agent and he was expected to be a big impact-guy. He's an important piece in their success, but has just 13 catches for 134 yards. Bo Scaife has remained the team's primary pass-catching tight end and is Tennessee's leading receiver with 28 catches for 318 yards.

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