Damian Williams thought he was in for TD

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    JACKSONVILLE Damian Williams thought he was in.

    On a potential go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter, the Titans receiver caught quarterback Jake Locker’s pass in the corner of the end zone, but officials ruled his second foot came down out of bounds.

    No touchdown, officials said even after a video review, and the Titans settled for a field goal at the end of the drive.

    “I really thought it was in, but I guess there wasn’t obvious evidence to overturn it. I guess they couldn’t tell from the replay, and I couldn’t when I looked at it either,’’ Williams said. “I definitely tried my best, and it didn’t happen.”

    Had the play been ruled a touchdown, the Titans would’ve taken a 16-14 lead with 10:21 remaining, although Coach Mike Munchak probably would’ve considered a two-point conversion at that point.

    Instead, a Rob Bironas field goal cut Jacksonville’s lead to 14-12, but not before a challenge by Munchak. The Titans ended up losing to the Jaguars, 24-19.

    “We knew in the game there were not going to be a lot of camera angles,’’ Munchak said. “Damian thought he got in, so we thought we had a shot at it. The official told me if they had called it a touchdown, he wouldn’t have overruled it. They couldn’t tell because of the shadow and the look they had, he couldn’t tell if he was short or not, so he had to go with how it was called on the field, which was incomplete.”

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