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    Hey Donnie Nickey is a Buckeye, he's welcome on the team. Plus I got a picture with him at the HOF game.

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    How does nickey play hurt when he only plays on special teams I do not follow that. I agree he is a hitter but he cannot cover and I cant believe he is one of the 53 best players on the roster.
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    Who was the last 3 to get cut?
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    This is what I'm talking about. If Fisher put the kid out there again and he gets hit like that again (he will) I wouldn't be surprised the police don't cuff Fisher and charge him for attempted murder.
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    Now for the upside to the bad vision on that play. He got pass the 20, didn't fumble, and got right back up. Reliable hands, built like rock. Now he just needs blocking and vision. He deserves a shot. He wont do much a rb but he has been good on special teams and plays like that show why you want a guy like that.
  8. TitansJonne

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    Not to mention he had a good game against green bay . The guy gives it his all. I think he could possibly replace lendale if he is gone next year.
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    Just let Henry run full speed down the middle on punt returns.

    Who ever wants to nail him is going to feel it also.
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    Here is the official transaction report on By the way, Amani Toomer was already cut by the Chiefs.

    "Team Date Transaction
    Arizona Cardinals 9/4 Oliver Ross (T) cut.
    Melvin Fowler (C) cut.
    Steve Sanders (WR) cut.
    Aaron Francisco (S) cut.
    David Holloway (LB) cut.
    Victor Hobson (LB) cut.
    Wilrey Fontenot (CB) cut.
    Tyler Palko (QB) cut.
    Leonard Pope (TE) cut.
    Onrea Jones (WR) cut.
    Keilen Dykes (DT) cut.
    Tim Castille (RB) cut.
    Rodney Leisle (DT) cut.
    Trevor Canfield (G) cut.
    Reagan Maui'a (RB) cut.

    Kansas City Chiefs 9/4 Damion McIntosh (T) cut.
    Eric Ghiaciuc (C) cut.
    Travis Daniels (CB) cut.
    Tavares Washington (T) cut.
    Herb Taylor (T) cut.
    Jed Collins (TE) cut.

    Denver Broncos 9/4 Rashod Moulton (CB) cut.
    Matt McChesney (T) Placed on IR (sprained ankle).
    Ingle Martin (QB) cut.
    Clint Oldenburg (T) cut.
    Carlton Powell (DT) cut.
    Marcus Thomas (DT) cut.
    Kory Lichtensteiger (C) cut.
    Matthias Askew (DT) cut.
    Marcus Thomas (RB) cut.

    New England Patriots 9/4 Andrew Walter (QB) cut.
    Steve Williams (DT) cut.
    Roderick Rogers (S) cut.
    Billy Yates (G) cut.
    Vinny Ciurciu (LB) cut.

    Atlanta Falcons 9/4 Ben Wilkerson (C) cut.
    Glenn Sharpe (CB) cut.
    Chandler Williams (WR) cut.
    Eric Brock (S) cut.

    Philadelphia Eagles 9/4 Curtis Gatewood (LB) cut.
    Willie Williams (DT) cut.

    Detroit Lions 9/4 Ko Simpson (S) traded (for undisclosed 2010 draft choice).

    Seattle Seahawks 9/3 Cory Withrow (C) Placed on IR (hip).

    Jacksonville Jaguars 9/3 Jordan Black (T) signed (two-year extension (through 2011)).

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9/2 Marcus Johnson (T) signed.
    Sean Mahan (G) cut.

    Buffalo Bills 9/2 Pat Thomas (LB) cut.

    Detroit Lions 9/2 Cletis Gordon (CB) acquired from waivers.
    Glenn Holt (WR) cut.
    Keith Smith (CB) cut.

    New York Jets 9/2 Ben Hartsock (TE) signed.
    Glenn Pakulak (P) cut.

    Dallas Cowboys 9/2 Curtis Johnson (DE) acquired from waivers.

    Kansas City Chiefs 9/1 Amani Toomer (WR) cut.
    Alfonso Boone (DE) cut.
    Devard Darling (WR) Placed on IR (left knee).

    San Francisco 49ers 9/1 Damon Huard (QB) cut.

    Cleveland Browns 9/1 Ryan Tucker (G) Placed on IR (knee).
    Fred Weary (G) Placed on IR (right leg).

    Tennessee Titans 9/1 Matt Lehr (C) cut.
    Tyson Smith (LB) cut.

    Detroit Lions 9/1 Terrence Metcalf (G) cut.
    Brooks Bollinger (QB) signed.
    Kevin O'Connell (QB) acquired from waivers.

    Denver Broncos 9/1 Jeb Putzier (TE) cut.
    C.J. Jones (WR) cut.
    Blake Schlueter (C) cut.

    Atlanta Falcons 9/1 Tye Hill (CB) traded (for undisclosed 2010 draft pick).
    Willie Evans (DE) cut.
    Ben Hartsock (TE) cut.
    Von Hutchins (CB) cut.

    New York Giants 9/1 Terrance Pennington (T) signed.
    Andrew Carnahan (T) cut.
    Lee Vickers (TE) cut.
    Andre Brown (RB) Placed on IR (left achilles' tendon).

    Houston Texans 9/1 Cletis Gordon (CB) cut.
    David Pittman (CB) cut.

    Buffalo Bills 9/1 Marcus Smith (DE) cut.
    Chris Denman (T) cut.
    Tyson DeVree (TE) signed.
    Shaine Smith (WR) cut.

    St. Louis Rams 9/1 Joe Klopfenstein (TE) cut.
    Marcus Brown (CB) cut.
    Brooks Foster (WR) Placed on IR (ankle).

    Philadelphia Eagles 9/1 Stewart Bradley (LB) Placed on IR (knee).
    Cornelius Ingram (TE) Placed on IR (knee).

    Carolina Panthers 9/1 Nate Salley (S) Placed on IR (right knee).
    Louis Leonard (DT) traded (for undisclosed draft pick).

    Minnesota Vikings 9/1 Derrick Roberson (CB) cut.
    Taylor Mehlhaff (K) cut.

    Indianapolis Colts 9/1 Marcus Paschal (S) cut.

    Chicago Bears 9/1 Rod Hood (CB) signed.
    Derek Kinder (WR) cut.

    Baltimore Ravens 9/1 Cleo Lemon (QB) cut.

    San Diego Chargers 9/1 Brandon Hughes (CB) Placed on IR (knee).

    Seattle Seahawks 9/1 Michael Bumpus (WR) cut.

    Jacksonville Jaguars 9/1 Don Carey (CB) Placed on IR (shoulder).

    Dallas Cowboys 9/1 Brandon Williams (DE) Placed on IR (torn left acl). "
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