Cutler Has Strong Showing at Vanderbilt Pro Day

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Sunshine, Mar 17, 2006.

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  1. Sunshine

    Sunshine Camp Fodder

    from today's Tennessean:

    On a cold day in Nashville, Jay Cutler performed to near perfection. . . .
  2. Architect

    Architect Pain Train

    NO matter how bad i want Vince, Cutler is looking better and better to me. He has a cannon (vince does too) and is able to move (which is Vince's specialty) but the reason i think he is our pick (even tho i still want vince) is he may fit into our offense better. Our coaches dont coach mobile QBs well (trying to make McNair more of a pocket passer when his attributes favor another offense)
  3. adamwinn51

    adamwinn51 Starter

    I just have this very strong feeling that we will be drafting Culter this year. His stock just keeps on rising. And I am getting more and more on board with that pick.
  4. FLTitansfan

    FLTitansfan Guest

    vince is the glamour pick reminds me of san diego i think it was trading their pick to atlanta and atl getting vick if we dont take young and he's a superstar we get second guessed like crazy (if they take cutler and he's good but not great) or if we trade down get hawk or williams or whoever then we get second guessed if we take young and he underachieves then we are in the could woulda should have bracket but the draft is a crap shoot l.ets hope we dont come out snake eyes
  5. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    mike mayock was talking about how the qb signings in free agency will affect the draft. he said tennessee will either pick leinart, or cutler "most people think it's cutler."
  6. Vigsted

    Vigsted Starter

    Well, Leinart and Young still have their pro-days, but Cutler probably took the lead today.
  7. Troupe4Prez

    Troupe4Prez Guest

    Either way Chow gets his hands on a solid qb with the dangerous "p" word (potential)
  8. VolnTitan

    VolnTitan Starter

    I think we end up with Leinart. But this draft will be wild, imo.
  9. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    I bet Matt and Vince are thinking, "Whoops. I didn't see that coming." They could be wishing they attended the Combine after all now.
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