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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Don, May 1, 2006.

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  1. thunderkyss

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    So if Vince is given a $14 million dollar bonus, over 6 years, his base salary plus the prorated bonus($2.3 mill) has to fit in the $5.8 million pool??

    And How mush money have you gauranteed your RA pickups?? Givens.... Mawae..... et.. al......??
  2. GLinks

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    SK, can you explain how $2.75M of the cap already counts for unsigned rookies? Is that just their salaries for the first year and when is it applied? Once FA starts?
  3. Titanmc

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    Question for SK

    Do I understand that we are around 100k under the 102m team cap and 2.75m of the rookie cap is figured in?

    If this is correct, trading Steve will give us the 3.1m for the rookies and leave 5.9m for any free agent?

    Thanks for your help.
  4. Each drafted rookie on the team, even though they don't have a contract yet, has a current cap hit of the rookie minimum ($275k this year). Since we drafted 10 rookies, they basically are already taking up 2.75M of the rookie cap already (and the normal cap).

    Their individial cap hits will go up as they sign contracts that pay them more than just the minimum base salary.
  5. That's correct.

    Basically that's correct. Cutting Steve will save $9M off the current salary cap. You'd then have to add the cost of the 52nd most expensive player to the cap, but that's pretty minimal ($350k). It would free up enough money to sign all the rookies with around $5.6M left over.
  6. Actually, a rookie's SB can only be prorated 5 years for this season. Vince will surely get an option bonus next year to extend his contract for a 6th season.

    But yes, all the prorated signing bonuses plus their base salaries have to fit under the $5.8M rookie cap.
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