Crumpler agrees.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by GriffinIsMyHERO, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. TitanJeff

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  2. GoTitans3801

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    Excellent, glad it's in the bag now. I tried not to get excited about him early, but I wanted crumpler. Yes, he was injured last year, but if he recovers he's well worth it. We really use the TE position, and especially losing hartsock we need a solid addition. He is it. He may not be a superstar, and we know he's not breaking 1000 yards, but he'll be good for production and hopefully some TDs.

    Anyone have an opinion about his blocking abilities?
  3. Titan_4Good.

    Titan_4Good. Guest

    Regardless i don't feel that we have made any significant moves to help our cause this coming year, looking at the major moves other afc team have done so far, were still way behind and our wideout positions still suck!
  4. Fry

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    you've said this a few times and i don't know where you're getting it, how is he a head case?
  5. Riverman

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    A few things he has said/done raised a flag. The first was how he really took plays off last year- the most noticeable being a Monday night game (I think) with Redman being the QB. Just dropped balls, incorrect routes, etc. The commentators were speculating it was due to his dissatisfaction with Petrino. The second has been his open support of Vick, despite Vick's admitted guilt, and his bashing of the organization's handling of the situation. The third, was his initially stated desire to play in the NFC South so he would face the Falcons twice a year.

    Probably nothing, but it raises the issue of his professionalism in my mind.

    Don't get me wrong- I like the move and I am very happy he is in two-tone blue. Having a tandem of Crumpler and Scaife will be very strong. I like that Petrowski may be put on the 53 man squad if his ST play is good.
  6. stylistic561

    stylistic561 Guest

    crumpler is an amazing pick up....just in time too...i woulda been pissed to if i was him in a college coach who doesnt care about the team enough to even finish a season....crumpler had his qb's back through his troubles and he gets in trouble by his front office and the nfl for showing support....**** if i was a falcon when that happened i most definitely woulda had a "free vick" tee under my jersey too....
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    i would love if we signed moss but i dont think the titans will step up and do it..but do you really think moss would be happy here with the titans???? lets face it we are a run 1st team and buy mid season i think it would end up being one of the biggest mistakes we have ever made... i think johnson from the cardinals will be just fine.. he's fast can catch the ball and will make a good deep threat for us and will be a good team guy...
  8. wycheck28

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    man some teams have all the money and have no clue how to spend it.. 2 teams come to mind the browns and the 49ers who over spent for sub par talent... every year i get excited about the titans making a big splash in free agency and then we always end up taking 2 middle of the road guys and calling it a day yes i get disapointed but if i was a browns or 49ers niners fan right now i would have a gun to my head..
  9. ncaalover12

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    Awesome, one down and one to go (Moss). :))
  10. TorontoTitanFan

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    We'll sign Moss right after we sign Santa to be our new RB (he's skinnier than Lendale) and the Easter Bunny to return punts.
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