Cramer Named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week

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    I went there as a fan when I was 19. Drove a van all the way from Chattanooga to San Francisco, most of it on I-40. I stayed there for a couple of weeks just bumming around. I couldn't believe just how many homeless people there were there. It was amazing. There was a little heirarchy among those who had nothing. That place was unlike any I have ever been.

    Also when I was in high school would contact people through prodigy who would DAT record Dead shows. I would send them some really good blank cassette tapes and some time later they would finally come back and boom... live shows, bootleg tapes. I really listened to them alot 10 years ago. Alot has changed since then for me...

    There was this one time when I was going to go to a Dead show in Atlanta. My mom had it all worked out for me and I was gonna stay with my brother who lives there. I was about 16 at the time. I was going to ride a Greyhound down there. I screwed that up when she found out about me deciding not to go to school one day.
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    double post??
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    wow Bipolar is a deadhead!! don't drink the electric :koolaid:
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    I stand corrected. Bipolar is a deadhead!
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    man BIP is really coppin it since the site came back.
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