Cowboys have fired DC Rob Ryan

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Shanvhere, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Gunny

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    That was all Fisher.
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    Your numbers are misleading also. Yes Ryan took over a defense that was ranked 31st in scoring defense the year before but the year before that they were ranked 2nd so it's not like they have no talent. And they used their first pick to draft Claiborne for CB.

    Given what Ryan had to work with in Cleveland and Dallas he is probably not a horrible DC but he is not a genius either that we should rush out and hire. I think that was Carpy's point and i agree with it.
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    Really? So fire the GM who drafted Wright, Brown, Martin and Sensibaugh? Webster's only draft was an outstanding one which bodes well for the future.
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    I have a problem with the Ryan personality. This goes back to Buddy Ryan an over bearing jerk of a man who tried to divide the Bears in the mid 80s.

    For those who don't know after the Bears won the super bowl in jan 86 the players hoisted 2 coaches on their shoulders, Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan. a fact that probably will infuriate Ditka until his death.

    The fissures left from Ryan would exist even after he left and the Bears would never win another super bowl.

    When Buddy was entering his 2nd phase as a head coach in Arizona the media hyped him to no end. Buddy ball he called it and he failed. I'm sure everybody knows about the punch he threw at Kevin Gilbride while with the Oilers.

    Of course his sons have the same personality traits and are big self promoters. But honestly i don't like that on a team. I'm sure Jeff fisher can handle it he has the gravitas to do that but football is about team and the Ryans are more about selling themselves.
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    Really? First, I didn't say the GM was completely to blame. I said we have a substandard FO and I challenge you to prove me wrong. In addition, Webster had ONE draft and you must give draft picks a few years to get a real evaluation of them. Initially his draft looks good but what will they look like next year?
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    Yeah I'd agree with that. People act as if Ryan is an instant fix at DC, because he's "the best DC"... that's just stupid. He's average, but way better than Gray.
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