Covid vaccinations for children

Discussion in 'Nashville' started by 8Bruce8, Oct 15, 2021.

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    It made you laugh. That’s productive.
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    your face is a productive conversation
  3. RTH

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    Which vaccine was that?

    Was it Meningitis?
  4. HurrayTitans!

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    HPV. Around 2013-ish is when the research had come out regarding infertility issues.
    In the years sense, a lot more research has been collected and the virus may have even been “adjusted” (however scientists do that) to limit those chances.

    If I recall, they even temporarily stopped giving the vaccine which is what brought the scare to my house, I already had 2 young kids vaccinated.
  5. Hormesis

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    Curious if the UK is supporting vaccination for 5 year olds and up now like the US?

    As far as travel goes, my sister lives in Grand Cayman. We haven’t seen her for 2 years because of Rona. Zero cases on the island due to strict restrictions the day she left. She gets to Miami, and brings Covid to our house. Delayed her return by nearly a month. During that time, the island began letting fully vaccinated people to visit the island. There are now over 3,000 cases, and the island has locked down travel and is currently in full red zone for hotspot. They don’t have the medical resources to handle this, as their go to is Miami for serious medical concerns. High percentage of locals fully vaccinated as well. Seems like the vaccinated pretty good at spreading and getting Rona. Word on the streets is individuals already recovered from Rona not so much, but we can’t talk about that.
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