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  1. Dangermode

    Dangermode A New Era has Begun

    Well that was a fun highlight reel. :)
    I’m in on Adebo
  2. Titanup1982

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    I'd like to see us take Isreal Mukauma from South Carolina. Definitely was overshadowed by Horn, but this guy is an unique CB with his size. Everytime I watched South Carolina play, he always made a play on the ball. It's shocking that his draft stock has slipped to the 7th, considering he once had a 1st round grade on him.

    We should definitely spend a later pick on getting him.

    I'll always remember his 3 INT's and 1 for a pick 6 against Georgia. Helped South Carolina single handedly upset UGA.

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  3. Carp

    Carp Starter

    He's a definite take at any pick in day 3, imo. Elite size, nice ball skills, and he's physical. He gets caught out of position a bit too much, but you're talking about a late round CB, so he's going to have issues. But the upside is huge. Experience playing safety too, so he could be sort of a Swiss Army Knife type of player too.
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  4. Carp

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    Obviously you can't base your entire analysis on One vs Ones, and a lot of the top end talent aren't here. But in these videos, there a few guys that definitely stood out, both good and bad.

    The Good:

    Aaron Robinson - very physical, in good position almost every play
    DJ Daniel - didn't look as physical as Robinson, but was in the right position most every play
    Cameron Bynum - a caveat that he did get burned a time or two, but he was in the correct position more often than not and I like his physicality

    The Bad:

    Shawn Davis - he got owned basically every clip I saw. Granted he's a safety, but he looked really bad.
    Robert Rochell - very bad foot work, played catch up a lot
    Tre Brown - he seemed to get overpowered a few clips and got out of position a bit. Seemed grabby too.

    Again, you can't make your final decision based on this, but it's worth something I think. Definitely reaffirms my fondness of Aaron Robinson.

    As an aside, Shi Smith and Marquez Stevenson are SUPER quick and twitchy. I really like both of these guys at WR in the mid-late rounds. Josh Palmer looked good too.
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  5. Soxcat

    Soxcat Pro Bowler

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