Cornerback anyone?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Carpy, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. We don't know what we've got until we let them show us. Might was well let them mature and see what we've got to work with...
  2. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Hill and jones...

    I don't know about starkiller's use of the word "develop". These are our 2 starting corners and both are good at coverage. They just can't tackle well and lack size but their coverage was not a major weakness in the last few games.

    Note also that woolfolk is signed through the 2007 season so he isn't going anywhere. Cornerback is not a position that requires 8 years to learn. We will be asking these guys to perform. Samari rolle was a solid cover guy in his second season. So was chris mcalister who was in his second season when the ravens won the super bowl. Champ bailey went to the pro bowl in his second season and delpha o'neil made the pro bowl in his second season with 9 ints!.

    We know these two guys have the athletic ability to play their position and we sure can't afford to ignore our other needs to have the luxury of another CB
  3. I know Hill can't tackle well at all but what about Jones, i thought he got stuck in last year, although he did make a few judgement errors
  4. Don't go crazy anybody, just stating that you cannot finalize Andre's contribution. Last season was the closest thing to a full season for him and he ended strong, albeit as the Nickel but he locked it up in our next to last game vs Miami and there were 0 passes even attempted to the slot receivers which did play in the second half. Even the announcer mentioned that the slot receiver in the middle of the field was being shut down. Improvement, although fans in the midst of a losing season wanted immediate production. Improvement leads to perfection, which there are no perfect corners period. Champ is clearly the best there is in the league and he proved it even more in the pro bowl. Yet in Denvers biggest game he got beat by the Steelers rookie receiver Wilson for a TD. It happens. I am not saying Andre is some great pro bowl corner, but he is quality enough to be considered depth at corner now and will challenge for the spot at camp. When he does and some of you believe he has no chance at breaking back past Hill, but if he does, then it is without a doubt that there is depth at corner. Deltha O'Neal, interesting. He was a pro bowler his second year, but faltered the next two and was cut by the Broncos and now back in the Pro Bowl with the Bengals. Dre Bly was cut by the Rams and he is thriving in Detroit. Do not ever finalize anyone unless they are some non trying slacker. If Andre were a slacker, not putting his whole heart and effort into his career, blood or not, I wouldn't jump out there for him so defiantly. He is trying with everything in him. That is why I know he is going to bring the wood at camp this year. Trust and believe me... NO, don't do that, really.... Just wait and see.... After all, all of you should want him to succeed, because that would help the TEAM out, riiigggghhhtttt. Roll Tide hit it on the button. He is not going anywhere now, and if he performs he won't go anywhere then. The book is not finalized... Not yet... WU
  5. Oh tackling definitely is not a problem with Andre by the way.
  6. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    wilson is no rookie. he was catching passes from peyton manning at UT.
  7. Wow, my bust, another late bloomer. Face it, some people catch on immediately and explode, regardless of the round drafted in. Likewise, some explode later, regardless of draft round/position.
  8. titansfan9

    titansfan9 Camp Fodder

    Ahmed Plummer and Ike Taylor are two guys I like, but Ike is a RFA, and Pitt may lock him up.
  9. Nash

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    Ok. I'll drink the kool-aid. But we do need a vet just as a role model in the secondary..teach em how to study, focus on the game etc..not sure who that is yet, but the guess here is it will be after June1 cuts
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