Cook, Marks, Reynaud hit the market

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, Mar 9, 2013.

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    You don't have to be shifty when you take the right lanes which Reynaud has problems with. And please, Mariani was fast before his injury and even ran a faster 40 than Reynaud. Why are you saying he is slow?
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    I always hear this when it comes to Mariani but he still gets the job done. Don't care if he can't run any direction but straight as long as he's getting a good return avg.
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  3. Deuce Wayne

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    It's undeniable that Reynaud is better at both the positions he plays vs Mariani.

    I like Mariani, I just don't think he has much of a place on the team.
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    In what category does he not trend toward the bottom of the league? 18th in pass rush productivity? 34th in run stop percentage? Martin was top 5 in both categories, though playing fewer snaps. Marks played 105 more passing plays than Martin, yet Martin had more pressures and sacks. Martin doubled Marks's run stop percentage. Marks is dead weight. Let him walk. We can do better.
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  5. Alex1939

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    You ranted about how dumb THIS FANBASE (yes that includes all of you posters on GoTitans) and front office/ management is for not keeping Cook. You said Cook was the biggest playmaker on offense.

    Obviously you are just a troll yawn, but answer this...

    Should the Titans have franchised Cook at the risk of it being a WR tag for 10 mil one season?

    Cook wants to make between 8-10 mil a year. Should the Titans be paying Cook 8 mil a season over 5 seasons, 40 million contract?

    If your answer is no to both, then I don't know what you were bitching about regarding Cook.
  6. TitanJeff

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    This taken from Football Outsiders? I think they do good in some areas but the role of a DT is often to eat space, redirect a run or open a lane for a LB. I'm not saying Marks is great at this but that's something stats don't record. I saw enough improvement from '11 to '12 to make me think he still has upside.

    Obviously, Martin wasn't outplaying Marks last season or he'd gotten more playing time. They limited his snaps for a reason. He may be ready for a bigger role in '13 but the Titans will still have to bring in DT via free agency or the draft because there's little depth at DT and Klug is a pass-rushing DT.

    No one here is saying break the bank for Marks. Marks is nothing more than a serviceable starter who doesn't do anything either great or poorly, IMO. Guys like Hill, Miller or Dorsey might upgrade the position but they'll come at a high price tag which means less for other positions.
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  8. Titans2004

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    Marks is looking for a pay day. He and his agent have said that in interviews. He is a guy that you let hit the market and let the market set his value. He is easily replaceable especially given that this is a good draft at DT.

    Obviously we were looking at Canty for a reason though so I expect us to sign a vet DT to replace Marks.

    You have to have 2 returners on the roster at a minimum. I think heading into camp with Mariani as your only option would be short sighted.
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    I think Reynaud's success should be attributed to the system he was in. We definitely did some different things this past season with the special teams. Remember that Mariani was a probowl returner his rookie year. If he can come back 100%, his ceiling is higher than Reynauds.
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  10. Deuce Wayne

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    1. Yes. Because this fanbase acts like Cook is easily replaceable. They also neglect the importance of having a playmaking TE for a crappy QB. They also don't understand that we have only 2 offensive threats on the field at the same time (on average), so taking us down to 1 would be suicide. So yes, this fanbase is pretty dumb when it comes to the topic of Jared Cook.
    They also rant about his blocking while he's a receiving TE. Not the brightest group of fans we have.

    2. Yes, trolling is what we call using logic to analyze a situation rather than being a sheep that follows the regurgitated nonsense they hear on TV or from every other casual fan.

    3. No. There were other options aside from the WR Franchise Tag- but ignore that because rather than being sensible you automatically jump to a silly conclusion in an attempt to make someone seem like their idea is crazy because it doesn't line up with yours.

    I never said pay him 10 million. We could pay him 6 and have signed him.

    Watch. Someone else will.
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