Cook and Reese to Meet to Discuss McNair Contract

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Apr 4, 2006.

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    Regardless of the cap situation, the McNair 'lockout' was classless and an embarrassment to an organization that has publicly prided itself on handling contract issues successfully. The Titans have had months to come up with a contingency strategy for losing McNair if a renegotiation didn't happen, and they come up with this: locking him out of the complex?! You'd think that PR would be near the top of the Titans corporate priority list after two straight sub-500 seasons? Guess not...

    I respect Fisher and Floyd, but this kind of nonsense makes me seriously wonder whether their largely successful run is nearing an end. Again, I'm not arguing the cap realities that have so-well explained on these pages. I’m just saying that the Titans blew this one royally and didn't improve things with their luke-warm press release. If you've got to let go of an icon, try to at least show some class. And if you can't do that, how about a real apology?

    Last time I checked, Steve was co-MVP a mere two years ago and seems to play whenever he can physically walk from the locker room to the field. But unlike Green bay and Brett Favre, the Titans organization (or at least the uber-Titan) seem to think that disrespecting McNair won't have much long-term effect on the fan base. Maybe not, but there's at least one fan out here who is seriously considering selling his season tickets as a result. If I don’t sell and if Steve goes to Baltimore (or any other team), I will be one of the first to buy his jersey and wear it to the Coliseum.
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    Me? I am a TITAN fan...not just of one player....

    I hope Steve stays at a reduced number, but to do so, both sides have to come to the party and right now, sounds like Bus doesn't want to be flexible.
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