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Discussion in 'Gear' started by ammotroop, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. PCs work perfectly well... so long as things keep working. The issue is really about what happens if/when things stop working like they were designed to work.

    And you know enough about computers to fix your own problems. Most people can't.
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    You are correct to an extent... Yes, Underarmor is a waste of money if you are wearing that shirt to lounge around in or play a pick-up game or two. Might as well by a Starter shirt from Wal-Mart. But, if you wear it for an activity it is intended for, the Underarmor is superior to the cheap alternative.

    I'm a runner. I own running shirts of various quality and cost. I've got some cheap shirts from Wal-Mart and Target and I have Underarmor, Nike, Patagonia, and Brooks that cost a lot more. I can run my short runs (5 or 6 miles) in the cheap stuff and they work fine. But, when I try to wear those same cheap shirts on my long runs (10+ miles), I get too hot and end up chaffed.

    The more expensive shirts are made better. They use higher quality materials, pay more attention to fit, and fold the seams or even have no seams at all. A lot of R&D goes into those shirts that make them ideal for distance running. Consequentially, they are more comfortable for lounging around in, too.

    The same is true of computers. If you are just going to use it for internet, word processing, entertainment, etc., buy a cheap PC. If you are going to do serious gaming, buy an expensive PC. If you are going to do serious A/V editing or graphics, buy a Mac. The added bonus is they work better for the other stuff, too.

    Oh, and BTW, why do people drive BMWs when Kia makes a fine car?
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    my brother in law recently had an issue where Windows Update was getting stuck. I took a look at it, turned out he had some virus'/ malware/ crapware that had it so messed up Windows couldn't update. we tried a few things avast / kaspersky / disk imaging blahhh

    it's a shame when the best way to fix the problem is to format and re-install the OS, spending hours reinstalling service packs and the same updates that were clogged to begin with
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    raise your hand if you knew this was going to turn into a flame war
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    Sorry buddy, but this proves the entire outlook that I had. Underarmor is no different than the cheap stuff. They've even done studies to show it.

    What is different is marketing, and that marketing makes you THINK that it's superior. Much like women think Chanel lipstick is better than the best stuff at the local Walgreen's.

    They use cool words to make the product seem so much more advanced... yet... you can go to Target and get the exact same product minus the logo.

    And this is coming from someone that has no problems admitting that I'm a brand-whore on most cases. But I will never buy an Under Armour shirt. Not their ridiculously overpriced performance gear or their overpriced regular shirts and hoodies.

    Go to any running forum, biking forum, etc- and you'll see that most people don't choose underarmour unless they just simply want to for the look or brand.

    t3k, dri-duke, etc... just as good. Way cheaper.

    Marketing is a powerful, powerful thing. Mac does it better than anyone. Underarmour is great at it too.
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    Please, I would love to see links to all these studies. Yes, Underarmor and Apple do a great job at marketing. This allows them to sell to people who don't need their products. However, you are just plain wrong to say that all performance gear is the same. I know, I've tested them in the real world. The cheap stuff doesn't wick sweat as well and leaves my underarms raw and nipples bleeding. Believe me, I would love to be able to spend $10 on a running shirt and have it perform as well as a $50 shirt, but it just doesn't. The name on the shirt is the last thing on my mind when I'm running.

    All you are proving is you can't comprehend reality because of some misplaced anger towards certain companies. Once again, actually use the products you are so down on before you make a judgement.

    And I don't really care for Underarmor that much, but it is because I have used it and don't like the fit. Not because I'm ticked that everyone is wearing it.
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    Apparently someone missed my point about owning 5 PCs. I still have one laptop that has an hardware issue, but works okay; the other one has been converted to Ubuntu.

    I happen to find it objectionable that I should know how to fix everything that might go wrong on a PC, or else I'm 'computer illiterate'. How many of you drive a car, but aren't SAE certified mechanics?

    When I buy a car, I want it to run... I don't want to work on it.

    I converted to Mac with a Mac Mini. It's only $600... how is that overpriced? I'm using a used Dell monitor, and it looks great. I'm using an old Microsoft two-button mouse, and it works fabbo. Hey, I can get a Dell tower with nothing in it but Win7 for $479. What a savings!
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    His MO is to upset the natural balance of reality. He's also an attention "lady of the night". Sounds like the Lady GaGa of the forum.


    He may be transgendered too for all we know.
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    since the topic derailed into a brand whore fight, I just want to say .... Nike sucks imo , I prefer New Balance
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    PS3 not XBOX....
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