Rumor Concession Employees told to get rid of Munchak and Locker Cups

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by MFister, Dec 16, 2013.

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    All animals are just as "innocent" as dogs yet no one feels a pang of remorse when they kill a fly or step on a roach. No one feels deep pity for road kill and very few people refuse to eat animals that were inhumanely raised and then brutally slaughtered. Hell deer have an entire sport centered around killing them for fun.The arbitrary line drawn at cats and dogs is purely arbitrary because many people have developed an emotional attachment to these animals and consider them pets.

    There are many people to whom a dog is "just a dog" and as offensive as their opinion may seem they're no more wrong than people who consider them a part of the family. Cows are literally sacred in India, and here in the United States in 2012 we killed 32,950 of them and then ate them afterwards. What horrible monsters we all must be, we should all be put to death like we're saying Vick should be right?

    The man did his time. He's done nothing wrong since then. That being said I don't want him for us. No more injury prone QBs please.
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    If you never want another game in a cold stadium you better hope this Super Bowl will be a disaster.

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    The difference though is that Vick tortured these dogs in terrible ways. The vast majority of deer hunters don't torture the deer. And the vast majority of cattle aren't tortured either. Granted many of their living conditions aren't too great.

    That said, I agree with you that the man did his time. I think everyone deserves a second chance. Well, most everyone anyway. But I also can understand why some people aren't willing to forgive him. Like I said earlier, I'm a huge dog lover. And pits specifically. Still, even though I'll probably never like or respect the guy, I do feel like he paid a pretty hefty price. But again, I can't really blame anyone who thinks it wasn't enough.
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    Dogs (And to a lesser extent cats and horses) are different from other animals. It is hardwired into human DNA. There is a connection there. Dogs have been the most widely domesticated animal since before history. All over the world. All of us come from countless generations of people that have lived in close contact with dogs. There is bond between dogs (Cats and horses too) and humans that is thousands of years old.
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    He's not really that stupid, why would you define him so?
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    A lot of people feel deep pity for roadkill.

    Roaches and flies are ugly, and do very little for 99.999999 percent of humanity's life.

    The cattle and chicken raising thing is a problem, but a different problem, and not quite like torturing an animal to be a killer. If you'd like to start a thread on that, be my guest.

    Deer are overpopulated in the USA, as much as I would never be a hunter, the deer population would be absolutely out of control every year if not for hunting. And like SDM said, they aren't shocked, raped, nearly drowned, etc. on the vast majority of cases. fighting dogs are tortured and raised to kill, and some have killed humans once being let out or escaped.

    dogs and cats do good things for us. they are company and companions. they lower blood pressure, and in some cases, make peoples' lives worth living. that's a good enough reason for me, and I do not want a dog, ever.

    your argument is worn out. There is no excuse, so stop trying to make them. I don't care about Vick at all, don't hate him.. but don't excuse dogfighting as a cultural phenomenon. it is an idiot phenomenon.

    It doesn't matter who considers a dog to be "just a dog." It is illegal, and simply stupid..

    If you get caught killing a cow in a hindu country, you will get charged with murder. so DON'T DO IT, if you aren't a moron. simple as that. Just like these dogfighters are stupid.

    A religious belief is not the same as an idiotic gambling game. Silly comparison. If they were raising cows to be killers, that would be a comparison.
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    You are getting active here and putting up some good posts. Hope you keep it up. What you will want to do now is upload an an avatar. You can do so at this link:

    h/t Tennessy XO
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    Lol 5 or however many years later and Dunce still can't tell the difference between hunting and dog fighting.

    As least he finally admitted he was wrong about $Cam.
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