Completion % Locker vs Luck

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    I was only a lurker at the time, but wasn't he a big Ricky Stanzi nut-swinger as well?

    Not to mention Christian Ponder.
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    Ricky Stanzy didn't even get a mercy start this season on the worst team in the league. Championship.
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    You all know he wasn't serious about Palko right?
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    FACT locker was in top 5 in nfl in passes over 20 yard comp% going into the jets game
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    Someone's sarcasm detector is seriously broken if not... but hey. haha

    Yes. I said Ponder was the best QB in his class.

    Considering who he has to throw to... meh. He's definitely better than Jake Locker, is he not?

    Better than Gabbert. Cam is better than him, but not very good at the same time.

    Dalton is better than expected. Probably the best of the class thus far. I didn't really judge him pre-draft though...

    You can't bring up guys like Stanzi just like you can't bring up guys like Mallet. You can't judge a player before they get a shot. It's like idiots that tried to tell me Brandon Graham wasn't good because he was injured... yet every time he touches the field he makes something happen.

    You guys would have said Tom Brady sucked before he got his chance too. Not the way it works.
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    Well he took a 1 win team and made them into an eleven win team so...

    and locker just sucks. you can pour over stats all day but all the F'n matters is W's.
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    It is hard to judge a QB just by stats or wins.
    You actually have to see them play. I watched a few Colts games and Luck did not impress me at all. What impressed me were his receivers who ran excellent routes and made very difficult catches.
    I'm not saying Locker is better, but he did not have that much help from his receivers.
    I think that Locker will be the better QB of the two in 2-3 years.

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    Wow. :)

    That would be fantastic, but I dont think that will be the case.

    While Andrew Luck was a rookie this past season, he was years ahead of the rest of his peers. Russel Wilson is also years ahead of guys his age as a passer. Thats what allowed those 2 to take average teams and win a lot of games with them. They're not really rookies, they've been doing what they're doing for 2+ years before joining the NFL.

    I love Jake Locker for us, I think he'll become a great player, but he's not yet the passer Luck, Wilson, and other guys he's compared to are. He's not Philip Rivers, or Tom Brady, right now he's hardily Jay Cutler, but like all those guys I think he will improve yearly. And at some point he'll show why he went 8th overall in 2011. He's got a lot of the right attributes, and the ones he's rusty on are ones that improve with time.

    In time Jake will be where Russel Wilson, Philip Rivers, and Jay Cutler are now, he could even be better than some of them cause he's a smart guy and not a total d*ck head like 2 of those names I used.

    So when talking Jake Locker I think the fans need to be patient, because when he's finished "taking it all in", he'll be a great asset to a team. Right now we should be passing a little less, and getting the most from our running game. O-Line needs to be a huge emphasis this off season.
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    JCBrave, the biggest Locker supporter on the interweb, does not even believe that. You're insane in the membrane.