Common sense evidence that this staff is clueless...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by HeadOnASwivel, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Alzarius

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    fwiw, I was not a fan of Reynaud either. Just stating that with him, along with Mariani, we were not going to look for another returner. He was good on punt returns, one of the worst on kickoff returns
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    Bottom line, losing to the worst team in the NFL three years in a row, giving two winless teams their first wins of the season, not being able to win in your own division even to really bad teams in that division is all on the coaching if you ask me.

    The fact that Ruston has done a pretty good job with upgrading the talent and we are more competitive this year than last, doesn't coverup the fact that the coaches can't utilize or showcase the true potential of that talent! We have the talent to be a really good football team and that's what makes these loses last the last couple weeks and the fact that we'll be missing the playoffs yet again even more frustrating....because the talent is going to waste.
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  3. razordaman

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    The above post does indeed have some true facts but it doesn't even resemble what is happening on the field. To say we are better than last year or somehow they changed personnel as we wanted, is just plain WRONG! The entire organization sucks at picking personnel plain and simple. Ruston is an idiot. They went and got crap and kept crap on the team this year. They should be fired for this alone or just for being plain stupid. Turner our starting center is now not even dressing for the game and it only took another organization to point out he's the worst graded lineman in the league. Hawkins how many years on the Titans? Now he can't find a job. Reyald our starter FIRED!!! After he lost almost 2-3 games by himself rofl. Who replaces him? A complete idiot who runs into the back of his own guy, fumbles the ball and losses the game AGAIN! So yes Ruston and whoever approved Wly to touch the football should be fired for such a decision. Big name guard Levitre...failure, we have no LBs!!! Ruston again....Ayers should be let go he is worthless and have you ever heard George Wilson makes a play this season???? He's invisible you only see Pollard and Griffin more money wasted on a stupid Bill. Here's a tip...Bills players suck, if they let them go you don't want them easy.....

    Do you realize all we needed was a normal everyday punt that 31 teams in the league do every Sunday to put the Colts back into their own territory and we couldn't do it. Instead Kern gets a low snap, panics, and shanks the ball to the 50 yard line for a net of 28 yards. A simple play for any other team and we fail at it. I hope everyone gives Kern a big finger for his punting job versus the Colts also, even he helped them win.

    That loss clearly shows the Titans are amateurs trying to play a professional sport.
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  4. GoT

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    Kern is having a rough season

    Im sure he will holdout for some insane reason and RW will panic and sign him too 'playmaker' money
  5. yanek27

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    Munch deserves to be fired for failing to address the kick returner issue until it was too late. Now look, it pops up again and basically cost us the game. I firmly believe he cost us the game last week by winning toss and taking the ball first. I wish the whole staff would go away personally, but I know that will not happen. Too many life long buddy connections with this team.
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  6. RollTide

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    The primary goal of this coaching staff for 3 years is to run the ball effectively and to stop the run. We have failed miserably on both. That is the primary reason for our failures.

    Ruston has bent over backwards to make us more physical up front on both sides of the ball. I think it's on the coaches to execute that.They have failed.

    While i agree with Riverman that a top 10 Qb is always a goal for any team we can't blame the coaches for Locker getting hurt. Ruston paid extra to get us a starting caliber backup in Fitzy and we can't win with him either.
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    QB play for this team has not been horrible. The combined passing rating for Locker and Fitz is 85.3 which is average and both QBs have a QBR above 50.

    Andrew Luck(God of QBs)
    87 passing rating
    23 sacks
    14TD and 6 ints
    65 QBR

    Locker and Fitz
    85.3 passing rating
    25 sacks
    13 Tds and 8 ints
    Combined QBR 55

    Again it's not the fault of the coaching staff or organization that Locker keeps getting hurt. If we run the ball better and stop it better we are 6-4 or better even with those QBs.
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    my bad Alz, I was typing on my phone and autocorrect got me. I would apologize, but I'm not really sorry about it and I don't want to lie to you.:boo:
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    Our coaching staff has been terrible at making adjustments coming out of the halftime for YEARS. We dominate a team going into the half and come out and you can just watch teams look completely different....suddenly can run or pass at will and stuff our offense. You can see guys on D arguing with each other like they don't know why somoene was out of place.

    I think the asst coaches we have are bad...our LB coaching is pitiful. I truly believe the only reason we have had decent LB play is due only to the raw talent we have. The fact we cannot covet a TE to this day is unforgivable. It's a constant issue with this coaching staff.

    We have talent on the field...we don't have the talent to exploit it on the coaching staff.

    And yes...Frodo Shortstockings must go and be replaced by an OC that can hold a play sheet that is smaller than himself.
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  10. Vigsted

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    We switched LB coach this year. I had completely forgotten but somebody reminded me in another thread. Clearly Chet Parlavecchio is no Frank Bush and looking at their resumes you have to wonder what on earth Munchak was thinking...
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