Common sense evidence that this staff is clueless...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by HeadOnASwivel, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. HeadOnASwivel

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    I'm going to focus on three areas of incompetence that have gotten under my skin over the last few years.

    What one point do Munch and Gray emphasize year after year defensively? Stop the run!!! Every off season we hear over and over we've got to stop the run, but what happens... nothing! Year after year we get run all over and what have the done to fix that, nada? If they want to stop the run, why hasn't it happened yet? I feel they are too incompetent to achieve their main focus on defense, we all see it. Do they change the scheme, no, do they change players, hardly. We get run all over and what do we hear in Munch's press conference after the game, "we've got to get better stopping the run"? I've had it with all this hot air and no friggin' results.

    What two areas does the front office and staff constantly neglect in the draft? Backup quarterback and dedicated kick returners. What two areas are constantly killing us, yup, quarterback and the lack of a competent returner. I feel you must draft at least one quarterback every year, mostly because you never know when you'll hit on a guy and simply because they play the most important position on the field. The saying goes, "you are only as good as your backup quarterback" and yet we just don't draft and develop depth there.

    Also it's not like finding kick returners are that difficult in the draft, from the 5th round on, it's pretty easy but they never draft one, why the hell not? The fact that they knew this would be a problem, can't rely on Mariani with that injury to come back and perform at a high level, and did nothing to address it is unforgivable and again incompetent.

    Jacoby Ford - 4th
    Antonio Brown - 6th
    Trindon Holliday - 6th
    Marc Mariani - 7th (Fisher regime)
    Johnny Knox - 5th
    Dante Hall - 5th

    Done ranting... for now. :anon:
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  2. Riverman

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    It's a QB league. This franchise could've fielded more wins if we had a real franchise QB. we haven't been undoubtedly good since Mcnair's best days. We missed on Vince and Locker.

    Things will continue as they are for the franchise until we find a franchise QB. All the rules favor QB play and protection. We need a smart, durable, high character guy with an accurate arm. I agree spending some late round picks (unless a SURE thing like Luck) each year searching for that guy is warranted.
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  3. Alzarius

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    Disclaimer: I am not defending anyone, just bringing different perspective.

    I feel you.... but....

    Point 1 = Stopping the run. We signed a DT, a DE, SS, and a MLB. You ask what have we done to fix that? This is what. Replaced 2 out of 4 DL, 1 out of 3 LB, and 1/2 safety positions (twice actually, we signed two)

    The results suck, no one can argue that, but lets not pretend like the scouting and staff hasnt tried.

    Last years rushing defense, 26th in the league

    This year, so far, 21st in the league

    Oh, and you need to throw Williams in there too. I tired of people here resorting to blaming Gray now, when at the beginning of the season, "it was clear that Williams was running this defense"

    Point 2 = backup QB. I believe (not proven) the reason Fitz was brought in was because he can pass the ball (sometimes into the other teams hands) but could also help Locker grow in the game planning department. Fitz is smart, just a turnover machine

    Point 3 = Returner. We had DR, who was not NEARLY this bad last year, and Mariani coming back so I have no issues with not "drafting a returner"

    I seriously believe people have forgotten how bad we were last year. Going into this season, this was the state of our team

    WR - Needed one, in case Britt did what he turned out to do this year

    RB - CJ struggled, needed one

    Oline - We needed to replace 3 out of 4 positions

    Defensive line - We needed two spots filled, DE and DT.

    LB - One spot needed, MLB. Unless everyone wanted to rely on crutches

    SS - Needed one spot filled

    CB - up for debate, but looks like we didnt blow this

    So, for STARTERS, we NEEDED to replace C, G, G, RB (backup at least), DT, DE, MLB, SS

    Thats 8 people that we had to replace. Sure, we did not hit on all of them. (hill and levitre being the two most notable, as well as Green)

    And dont even get me started about the QB problems/questions we had going into this season.

    Everyone talks about coaching, and there are some valid criticisms of all 3 aspects of coaching, 4 if you include special teams. However we went from getting our asses handed to us, and I dont mean losses, I mean flat out getting horsestomped, to being competative.

    Let me remind you of some numbers here..

    Pats, 34
    Chargers, 38
    Lions, 41
    Texans, 38
    Vikings 30
    Steelers 23
    Bills 34
    Bears 51
    Colts 27
    Packers 55

    Sure, there are "better" games, and by better, I mean hovering around 20 points....

    Yes, losing sucks and our record sucks. However we went from complete and utter ****, to competitive. No, its not good enough, but its one hell of an improvement.

    We had so much work to do this past off season and I think we did an admiral job of doing it. Sure, in fantasy football and Madden land, you can go from complete **** to awesome in one season. However not only did we not have the pieces last year, we had so few pieces that the highlight of our team, was our rookie LB and one of our DTs

    This team, although still losing, has improve leaps and bounds from last season and I still believe we are headed in the right direction... well until we found out that our QB problem is STILL going to be there next year.

    Change the staff, every last one of them if you want, thats fine. put this gently. Its kind of frustrating that so many people really have no clue of the state of our team and have worn homer glasses so much so, that when there is a problem, everyone must go and it must be blown up. If you want to dig, go ahead. I tried finding a team that "turned around" from having to replace almost half of their entire team. I couldnt find one.

    The problem is they teased us. They made us believe, they made us think its possible... then dropped us flat on our faces.
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  4. Alzarius

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    This x 100

    No other position can improve us like a good QB can.

    And if we go into the season next year with Locker, be prepared because if he goes down or doenst work out.... then next year is lost too.
  5. Danimal

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    The problem I have is that our coaching staff isn't able to utilize the players we have to win. How can the Colts go from worst to first with all the free agents they picked up, their broken down O Line, and their suspect secondary. Let me tell you: it's creative coaching and a positive team attitude. I watched their head coach and he high fives his players, puts a hand on their shoulders, he claps and rallies the troops through out the game. Just imagine what else he does when he is off the field with those guys. No wonder his players will go thru a brick wall for him. Sure they have Luck but the whole team has bought into the winning philosophy.

    Did you guys watch the Colts take what they had and shove the ball down our throats in the fourth quarter. They used 3 offensive tackles to push our guys all over the place. To counter that we . . . .. ahhh . . .. were really mean towards them. Get it ? When we didn't make any changes to try and counter it, our players loose heart, and they fail. We wonder why. If the coaches aren't using the tools they have to their fullest advantage we will not win. . . .
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  6. Scarecrow

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    for the record, Alzheimer, I was stating pretty heavily that Reynaud would cost us some games this year. I'll find it when I get home.
  7. Na$hville

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    Quality post this is
  8. UrbanLegend3

    UrbanLegend3 Pro Bowler

    Great, great post. You echo my sentiments exactly. Regardless of the record, I like what I've seen from thins team and know we are a QB away from being a GREAT team. We're on the right track.
  9. GoT

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    not so much...
  10. The Hammer

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    Hey, Alex is the guy who alters screen names to make fun of people. You are the guy who calls RT racist or makes smart cracks about RT being racist.
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