Colts VS Titans, how do you 'all see it?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by coltsownyou, Oct 4, 2006.

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    Your right I wouldn't replace Manning to save the money. I dont agree with it but i understand to keep players of his calaber you must pay the price. Same goes with Vinny. IMO Vin is the greatest kicker in the NFL today and I'm happy to have him on my team. I know the head of the beast, in order to keep players like those two you have to be willing to outbit all other teams for them. However, that in no way means i have to agree with or like the fact. Will i stand and criticise the men for making money, no. I just dont agree with it and the way our society views thier worth. (also you need to understand Manning doesnt rank in my top five colt players, i just respect the skills and what he brings to the colt table)

    Edge did leave for the money. They offered it the Colts didnt, so he took the large offer he was given and left. Its a fact. Nothing i can do about it, i still root for him when i watch him play. There bad blood that festered between Faulk and the franchise wasnt there so there is no ill will. I, however, wish he would have taken the lower pay and stayed wtih the colts. Wouldnt have made him a "chump" to stay with the colts. He isnt currently putting up the numbers that he did in Indy. Despite the view of the masses here, i still beileve the colts are going places. I'm afraid the decision could take Edge out of the history books, and to me that would be a waste. I dont see how any of that is bashing him. Its a combination of fact and loyalty.

    Wayne/Harrison-the tandem wont last forever. Marvin is as human as any other reciever and will let Manning know when he feels his skills are being wasted. Some make him out to be Lord of Goodsportsmanship, but I am more realistic. He is a sportsman and as such wants to play and wants to be passed the ball. Each have an estimated (forgive me for not memorizing contracts) 5/6 years on contract. So we loose one (i dont see that being Harrison). And Stokely happens to be one of my fav players on the colts so i would support seeing more playtime for the potatoe man.

    I'm not blind/deaf/dumb i understand that the colts are going to have to do some rebuilding. A lot of that depends on the longevity of our key players (manning/harrison/even Saturday) I dont mind supporting a winning team as long as they are building towards something. Its watching teams that suck just cause they suck that kill me.
Thread Status:
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